Urban Agriculture Workshop, Global Studio, Bhopal India
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Interested in Urban Agriculture?

Join us as we host our first workshop series with CCSE, February 21st, 8-10:00 a.m.
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If you have an interest in urban agriculture, Rebuild Global's Green Gardens Grow Program Coordinator, Kasi Schnell will be hosting a panel discussion in which Judy Jacoby, founder of San Diego Community Garden Network, Robin Rivet, Urban Forestor with the California Center of Sustainable Energy and Kevin deFreitas of Kevin deFreitas Architects will be discussing the various ways San Diegans can support their local urban agriculture community to grow plants and raise animals within and around cities. We will be highlighting project examples that demonstrate sustainable practices utilizing local resources. Learn how you can start your own urban agricultural community within your home, school, office and city by registering for this workshop today. We hope to see you there. For additional information, feel free to contact Kasi Schnell at kschnell@rebuildglobal.org.

Traveling Abroad: Bhopal, India

Have you ever been interested in volunteering your services and traveling overseas to work within developing countries? Just recently we took Rebuild Global and our very own Rebuilder's Sandra Plaza and Todd Sykes to Bhopal India and participated in Global Studio's international conference and studio workshop working with over 65 students and professional architects and designers who participated in this 3 week program. The goal was to address the issues of working with the urban poor through participatory planning and design and as a result we formed into six separate studio and research teams. Proposals included a master plan for a local government school, addressing housing typologies in a slum community and researching Union Carbide's gas tradegy and it's effect within the city.

Over the next couple weeks we will be giving presentations on the work completed in Bhopal, India and provide you with opportunities on how you can travel overseas and working within developing countries. If you, a group of your friends or your school may be interested in participating in our Global Assistance Program please contact Sandra Plaza at splaza@rebuildglobal.org and visit our website for additional information. Our mission is to provide socially responsible and sustainable architecture and design solutions wherever they are unavailable and needed most. We are happy to help!

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