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April 2015 Update

Hi! Normally I send our monthly e-newsletter on the first of the month, but April 1 isn't a great day to send out actual news--hence the early delivery.

Treasure Chests 2-4: Food Crate, Resource Vault, and Energy Box

It's official: The Kickstarter for our three newest treasure chests will run from April 14-29. You'll be able to get one chest for $35, two chests for $67 ($33.50 each) or any combination of three chests for $89 ($29 each). I'll send out a notification e-mail to all e-newsletter subscribers when we launch.

The original Treasure Chest, which we have in stock at fulfillment centers around the world, will not be available as part of the new Kickstarter rewards (read this to understand why we don't sell existing inventory through our KS campaigns).

Euphoria Second Printing Is Here!

The second printing of Euphoria is now available everywhere. The games arrived a few weeks ago in the US (they were already available in the EU) and shipped to distributors right away. You should be able to find copies at local and online game stores--if not, request a copy from them to let them know they should carry it.

The second printing is mostly the same as the first printing, but we enhanced it in little ways. There are now more commodity and resource tokens in the box, a quick-reference guide, and 60 wooden authority star tokens. It also includes the updated versions of the 16 recruit cards (they're available on the BGG store for those who have the first printing).

Also, the designer of Euphoria's expansion, Morten Monrad Pedersen, has been writing an ongoing blog about the development of the expansion. Check it out here

My Kickstarter Book

The publisher of my book, A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide, opened paperback pre-orders on Amazon last week (Kindle pre-orders will be available in a few weeks). The book won't be released until September, but if you want to make sure you get a copy for you or a friend who is interested in crowdfunding, feel free to pre-order today.

The book includes 80% new content (compared to my blog), 50+ examples from projects in a variety of categories, and a section where I summarize the most important points from every Kickstarter Lesson.


Scythe early playtesting is going really well. I can't talk about it yet, as a lot of mechanisms are still in flux, but I'm hoping to have a version that's ready to share by Geekway to the West in mid-May. We're aiming for a September or October Kickstarter.

Jakub Rozalski continues to produce beautiful art for the game, some of which he shares on his Facebook page. He has also been working on concept sketches for some of the miniatures in the game, which we currently have a sculptor working on. Here's one of the most recent images that shows the Polania faction harvesting their resource of choice, wood:

Updates for Other Products

For full details on your specific location, visit this page on our website (updated weekly).
  • Between Two Cities: We're wrapping up the translations and final graphic design, and we're on schedule to send final files to the printer by April 15. A huge thanks to all the proofreaders who helped refine the rules!
  • Tuscany, Treasure Chest, Viticulture, Coins, and Stars: Tuscany and Viticulture are available in stores everywhere, and the Treasure Chest, metal coins, and stars are available at Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. The coins can also be found through our fulfillment partner, MeepleSource. The Tuscany misprint stickers are on the BGG store here.
Quick Notes:
  • Conventions: We're excited to be attending Geekway to the West in St. Louis and Gen Con in Indianapolis this year. At both conventions we'll be hearing pitches for game submissions (sign up here), running a few tournaments and events, playtesting our in-progress games, and mostly just playing games! We hope to see you there.
  • International Tabletop Day on April 11: Like everyone else, we'll be playing games on April 11 to celebrate International Tabletop Day. You can tweet photos of you playing our games and using the Treasure Chest to @stonemaiergames, and we'll have a few surprises for some of those tweets. :)
  • Game Nite on April 25: If you're in St. Louis and want to learn our games, please join us at Game Nite on April 25 from 1:00-6:00.
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— Jamey Stegmaier
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