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January 2017 Update

Hi! We're incredibly grateful that you joined us for the journey in 2016. We had a great time doing our best to bring more joy to tabletops around the world, and along the way we ended up with three of our games on BoardGameGeek's Top 100.

As we look forward to 2017, we want to make sure we produce the things you want. It would be awesome if you could take 1 minute to fill out our future printing request form (even if you already did so in 2016).

To encourage as many of you to do this as possible, on Thursday I'm going to randomly select 6 people who fill it out in 2017 to receive a realistic resource chest (their choice).

  • To celebrate our big release in 2017, Charterstone, we've shared a new image on the Facebook group and on BGG.
  • Our 2016 charity auction was a huge success, raising a total of $5,285 for 10 different charities. Thanks for participating!
  • We're expanding the options available to you for digital versions of our games. Viticulture and Scythe should get full-AI releases in 2017.
  • Game submissions are now open again! Please read the guidelines very carefully.
Product Updates
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— Jamey Stegmaier
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