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March 2014 Update

Hello! March has been an extremely exciting month for Stonemaier Games. Although I've been posting regular updates on the Tuscany Kickstarter campaign, I've tried to keep those updates focused just on Tuscany, so this monthly e-newsletter will give you a broader look at what we're doing.

Tuscany Kickstarter

With 9 days to go and over $307,000 raised from nearly 3,100 backers, Tuscany has exceeded our greatest expectations, largely thanks to the support of many of you. In fact, we're a mere $2,000 away from eclipsing the funding total for the entire Euphoria campaign ($309,495).

With all the stretch goals we've unlocked, Tuscany now includes 11 expansions, among them 8 different sets of custom meeples (48 total meeple tokens). By far the most popular pledge level is the $99 Collector's Edition box containing Tuscany, Viticulture (second edition), and 72 custom metal lira coins. If you already have Viticulture, you can get Tuscany for $45 or $59, and we'll include a complimentary update pack so your copy of Viticulture will be effectively the same as a second-edition copy.

If you haven't already, I hope you'll join us in Tuscany while you still can!

Treasure Chest

We're gearing up for our first non-game product: A "treasure chest" of realistic resource tokens for use in a variety of Euro games. They're similar to the the Kickstarter resource tokens in Euphoria, but instead of just clay, stone, and gold, the treasure chest will also include gems, wood, and ore. Each resource will come in two different types: raw and refined.

Panda is currently creating samples of these tokens--I'll share more when I have photos. I just wanted to let you know that we're working on it and we're hoping to run a Kickstarter for the Treasure chest in late May/early June. The treasure chest is expensive to make and heavy to ship, but our goal is to offer it for somewhere around $39-$49 on Kickstarter with our standard shipping methods to make it as affordable as possible for you.


Euphoria will remain on sale for $40 through our website until the end of the Tuscany campaign, and then the price will go back up to $59/$54. Also, some of you have waited patiently for an opportunity to purchase the leftover Kickstarter version of Euphoria. We have 10 deluxe copies remaining at Amazon.de as well as 17 deluxe and 33 supreme copies left at Amazon.com. I also have a few copies remaining in my office, but I want to retain them for charity.

My commitment to Euphoria backers is that I'll give them the first chance to buy these copies. The price will be $70 + shipping per deluxe game and $80 + shipping per supreme game. Basically, in the April e-newsletter I'll ask all subscribers to fill out a Google form to indicate their interest in these copies, and then I'll randomly select from those people (I think that's more fair than a first-come, first-served selection). Original Euphoria backers will get first pick, then other e-newsletter subscribers. So if you're interested in a KS copy of Euphoria, stay tuned for the April e-newsletter!

Top 3 New Blog Entries for March: What We've Been Playing: Lots of Kemet, Terra Mystica, and Tuscany.

If you'd like to discuss the contents of this e-mail with other backers and myself, I would suggest using the comments section of this page on our website.

— Jamey Stegmaier
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