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November 2016 Update

Hi! It's great to be back in St. Louis after my trip to Austin last week for my brother's wedding, but I'm so grateful to Wonko's Toys and Games, Tom and Molly from Forensic Gameology, and everyone who stopped by to play Scythe and hang out on Thursday evening. It was awesome!

This month I'm excited to annouce a highly anticipated Euphoria spinoff and a suprise announcement regarding our realistic resource tokens.

Leaders of Euphoria: Live on Kickstarter!

Our friends at Overworld Games are publishing a large-group social/bluffing game called Leaders of Euphoria. It's a Good Cop Bad Cop game set in the Euphoria universe, and it features a lot of amazing stuff not seen in Good Cop Bad Cop (it's not just a thematic reskin, nor is it an expansion to Euphoria).

If you like the world of Euphoria, hidden-role games of strategic deduction, or giant ray gun miniatures, I think you'll really enjoy Leaders of Euphoria. The Kickstarter is now live!

Realistic Resources with Top Shelf Gamer

We've partnered with Top Shelf Gamer to make more of our most popular realistic resource tokens. Also, we're making animal tokens for the first time. All of these tokens have been in production for 1-2 months, and we expect them to arrive at Top Shelf in late November.

You can order these tokens directly from Top Shelf Gamer or have your local retailer reach out to Top Shelf to order the tokens for you to minimize your shipping fees. For example, Board Game Extras will carry the resources for consumers in Europe.

November Fulfillment and Releases

The following dates are our best estimates of when retailers will start to receive the current printings of these products. Retailers that are far away from St. Louis are likely to receive their orders later than retailers that are close to St. Louis.
  • Scythe ala carte (Automa cards and plastic containers): in stock!
  • Scythe: November 1
  • Scythe accessories: November 20
  • Scythe: Invaders from Afar: November 15
  • Viticulture/Moor Visitors: November 1
  • Tuscany Essential and Token Trilogy: November 20
Product Updates

Here's more detailed information about where to find Scythe-related accessories and promos.

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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