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April 2014 Update

Hello! April has been a fun month for Stonemaier Games, especially when we learned last week that Euphoria was selected as one of the winners of MENSA's 2014 MindGames competition! Also, I'd like to welcome all Tuscany backers who opted into our monthly e-newsletter as new subscribers.

Also, if you're attending Geekway to the West in St. Louis in a few weeks, make sure to sign up for the Euphoria tournament (free to enter, $150 cash prize).

Euphoria Deluxe and Euphoria Supreme

It's finally time to release most of the remaining Kickstarter copies of Euphoria (I'll retain a dozen copies for charity). If you are interested in purchasing one of the last few copies of the deluxe or supreme versions of Euphoria--versions of the game that will never be made again--please fill out this form in the next 48 hours.

Last Chance to Pre-Order Limited Editions of Tuscany

Tuscany backers have until April 30 to add items to your pledge at Kickstarter prices. The link to the hidden add-on page is on your backer survey, which you can access by going to the Tuscany project page, finding your reward level, and clicking "Your response". Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the link.

If you're not a Tuscany backer, you also have until April 30 to pre-order the limited editions of Tuscany for a slight upcharge here.

Note: ShopLocket, my payment processing system, isn't working today, but all pre-order pages have information near the top about how to PayPal us directly.

Treasure Chest

It is highly likely that we will be running the Treasure Chest Kickstarter campaign sometime in May. The project page is ready, but we still need to finalize the samples so you can see exactly what these realistic tokens for gold, stone, ore, wood, brick, and gems look like. It will be a short campaign so that we can potentially deliver the Treasure Chest to you along with copies of Tuscany in November. I will send out a launch notification to all e-newsletter subscribers.

Euphoria Premium Insert

Due to manufacturing constraints, we weren't able to include a moulded insert in Euphoria. However, a friend of mine who happens to be a 3D designer has decided to create and produce a Euphoria insert that significantly improves storage, setup, gameplay functionality, and cleanup. Check out the early mockup of his design on his new company's Facebook page, GameTrayz. They're offering to give away 1 free Euphoria insert for every 100 Facebook fans who like their page this week.

You can scroll down on their Facebook page to see their brilliant insert solution for Terra Mystica as well. They're completely open to feedback, so feel free to suggest other premium inserts/trays you'd like to see them design and produce in the future.

Top 3 New Blog Entries for April: What We've Been Playing: Thanks to a mini-convention I hosted recently, we played a LOT of everything.

If you'd like to discuss the contents of this e-mail or if I need to add/change something without resending the newsletter to everyone (i.e., confusing phrasing or a broken link), please check out this page on our website.

— Jamey Stegmaier
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