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March 2015 Update

Hi! This month's newsletter includes great news about Between Two Cities (on Kickstarter now), future Treasure Chests, and Scythe, as well as several photos, best-of links, and updates.

Between Two Cities

I'm excited to share that since launching a few days ago on Kickstarter, Between Two Cities has raised over $114,000 from 2,700+ backers. It's a short campaign that will run for about 2 more weeks, after which we'll shift to pre-order mode (the price will go up post-Kickstarter). I've really enjoyed talking to backers and hearing their ideas for the project, so I'd love for you to join the conversation.

Treasure Chests 2-4

Panda Game Manufacturing is getting back from their Chinese New Year holiday this week, so we'll soon know if the new treasure chest sculpts will work for mass production. Pending any issues, the next three treasure chests (food crate, resource vault, and energy box) will be on Kickstarter on April 14. You'll be able to get one chest for $35, two chests for $67 ($33.50 each) or any combination of all three chests for $89 ($29 each).


Scythe is still in early development, but it's coming along quite well and is on pace for a 2015 Kickstarter (later in the year). We're working with manufacturers to make sure the components align with the design so we can stay below our target MSRP of $60. Jakub Rozalski continues to produce beautiful art for the game, some of which he shares on his Facebook page. Here's one of the more recent images:

Schedule Update for Other Products

For full details on your specific location, visit this page on our website (updated weekly).
  • Euphoria (2nd printing): Retail release in the US in mid-March; already released in the EU. The 16 updated Euphoria recruits found in the second printing is in every Treasure Chest and will be on the BGG store this week--for notification, sign up for BGG store updates here
  • Tuscany, Treasure Chest, Viticulture, Coins, and Stars: All Kickstarter and pre-order copies have been delivered. Tuscany and Viticulture are available in stores now, and the Treasure Chest, metal coins, and stars are available at Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. The coins can also be found through our fulfillment partner, MeepleSource. The Tuscany misprint stickers are on the BGG store here.
Quick Notes:
  • Conventions: We're excited to be attending Geekway to the West in St. Louis and Gen Con in Indianapolis this year. At both conventions we'll be hearing pitches for game submissions (sign up here), running a few tournaments and events, and mostly just playing games! We hope to see you there.
  • Play-and-Win: We recently created an open Google spreadsheet for conventions to post information about their play-and-win sections, which we think are a great way for conventions to help small publishers and vice versa. If you're involved with a convention that has a play-to-win section or if you're a publisher who likes play-and-win, please enter your information on the appropriate tab on the spreadsheet.
  • Reviews: We've seen an influx of Viticulture second edition reviews, Tuscany reviews, and Between Two Cities prototype reviews over the last month. If you'd like to read what people think about these games, feel free to check them out!
  • Cannes: Our European production partner, Morning Players, shared some awesome photos with us of their massive booth at the Cannes game festival. Here's one that features a banner displaying many of our games:

Top 3 Most-Read New Blog Entries in February:
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What We've Been Playing: Alchemists, Machi Koro, Splendor, Hyperborea, No Thanks, Euphoria, Between Two Cities, AquaSphere, and Telestrations

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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