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May 2016 Update

Hi! In this month's e-newsletter I'll talk about the last chance to pre-order the Token Trilogy & metal coins and an announcement for our newest game, Charterstone!

Time-Sensitive Updates
  • Token Trilogy & Metal Coins: The pre-order campaign for the 22 new resource tokens and reprints of the metal coins ends on May 1!
  • Somm: We recently partnered with Synek, creators of a special wine dispenser, to include a few copies of Viticulture as a reward option on their Kickstarter campaign (now live).
  • International Tabletop Day: This Saturday I'll spend the afternoon playing games at Arch Reactor, a great gaming/all-purpose space in St. Louis--feel free to stop by! I'll bring my advance copy of Scythe.
  • Geekway to the West: It's too late to get tickets to Geekway, an amazing convention in St. Louis (May 19-22), but if you already have tickets, I'd love to play your favorite game with you.
Special Announcements
  • Charterstone: Charterstone is a Euro legacy game in which 1-6 players venture to build a new village in the outskirts of the Kingdom of Greengully. Each player has a unique (and secret) set of skills they bring to the village, and they can branch out in different directions from there.

    Each building that players construct becomes a permanent action space that all players can use via worker placement. Like other legacy games, it's a campaign game, but the end result will be a fully replayable game--it's functionality doesn't expire when the campaign ends.

    We don't have a release date for Charterstone, as it's still in the early stages of development. If you're interested in being a blind playtester, please sign up as a Stonemaier Ambassador and we'll contact you when we enter that stage. It's also now listed on BoardGameGeek.

  • Ala Carte: We now sell some excess components ala carte. So if you've always wanted the extended board from Tuscany, the extra tokens in the Between Two Cities special edition, or other specific components, check out our ala carte page! Our regular store page is here.
Product Updates

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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