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August 2016 Update

Hi! This is our biggest e-newsletter yet in terms of special offers, announcements, upcoming events, and subscribers. Hopefully you find something interesting here!


Scythe's retail release is today, and retail copies will be available at Gen Con (see below). We are also now able to offer our excess Kickstarter inventory for direct purchase.

Important: Scythe's inventory is limited by region (the items are located in 5 different fulfillment centers), with each region's transactions being handled differently. If you miss out on a specific product in your region, you can (a) buy it from our US stock with high shipping rates (see link below) or (b) fill out our future printing request form. If you're not in any of those regions, please buy from the United States store.

Time-Sensitive Updates
  • Token Trilogy/metal coins pre-order ending soon: We're getting ready to finalize production and freight ship the Token Trilogy and metal coins (new printings of metal coins for Scythe and Viticulture). Sunday, August 7 is the last day to pre-order.
  • Gen Con: We don't have a booth at Gen Con (just a conference room), so we can't sell products. However, Cephalofair Games has partnered with us to sell the retail version of Scythe at their booth (2963A). Feel free to drop by our informal game night at the Denver room of the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown on Wednesday from 8:00-11:00.
  • Watch It Played: Watch It Played has provided an incredible service to people who want to watch the rules for our games instead of (or in addition to) reading them. If you want to show Rodney that you support what he does, I'd highly recommend you check out his annual Indiegogo campaign, which is live now. I contributed to the campaign both as a supporter and by creating a new encounter card promo for Scythe.
  • Design Day: The third-annual Stonemaier Games Design Day is on Saturday, September 24, and it's almost sold out. Design Day brings game designers and gamers together to delve deeper into what makes games work. Attendees will give and receive feedback on game prototypes and learn from clever mechanisms in published games.
Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor

The story of Euphoria continues in a spin-off (not an expansion) designed and published by Overworld Games, a company that specializes in large-group social/deduction/bluffing games. It's a 4-8 player social deduction game in the style of Good Cop Bad Cop and set in the Euphoria universe.

I've seen some of the most recent art from the game (illustrated by Jacqui Davis, the original Euphoria illustrator), and it perfectly captures the theme. This is a game I will treasure, and I look forward to the Kickstarter campaign in October (early signup here).

We're also working on a Euphoria expansion, which is coming along well. It's projected to release in 2017, most likely directly to distributors and retailers.

Product Updates

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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