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November 2015 Update

Hi! Happy Halloween! There's nothing spooky about today's update--just some big news about Scythe, Between Two Cities, and the new treasure chests. Oh, and remember to "fall back" tonight if you live in a place where daylight savings time matters.


It's been truly amazing for me to see the outpouring of support for Scythe. This has been my driving force for the last year (and even longer for artists and worldbuilder Jakub Rozalski), so it's been incredible for others to share that passion with us through Kickstarter.

The Scythe Kickstarter will end this Thursday, immediately after which the price for all associated elements will increase significantly for everyone, including the promo packs (free on Kickstarter vs. $15 add-on after the campaign). We'll also stop accepting pre-orders for the Premium, Collector's, and Art Connoisseur Editions when the Kickstarter ends. 

Between Two Cities and New Treasure Chests

All Kickstarter copies for Between Two Cities and the new treasure chests have now been shipped, so we're now able to directly sell our few remaining copies of each directly to you via our website.

Shopify doesn't let me specify the quantity of games at each fulfillment center even though we have different amounts of each of those products in each region. So I'll be accepting region-specific orders in chronological order of receipt. Please check the item description before ordering, as at it may say something like, "Not available in Australia, Canada, etc."

Also, if you'd like to learn how to play Between Two Cities without even opening the rulebook, check out the brand-new Watch It Played video!

Product Updates

In addition to the updates below, we're excited to share that Euphoria will soon be available on Tabletop Simulator on Steam! Similarly, both Scythe and Viticulture are available on Tabletopia.

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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