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December 2014 Update:

A Survey with a Giveaway
Happy New Year! This month's newsletter includes an end-of-year survey (with a Treasure Chest/iPod Shuffle giveaway), the first reveal of final art from Between Two Cities, a schedule update for all products, and a top-5 blog entry list for 2014.

End-of-Year Survey

As an e-newsletter subscriber, we highly value your insights. We would like your input about a few of our games, products, and events in 2015 through this short, one-page, illustrated survey. Your answers will have a direct impact on key decisions we'll soon make.

For every 1000 people who fill out this survey by January 4, we'll randomly choose 1 person to win a Treasure Chest. If at least 2500 people fill out the survey, we'll also randomly choose someone to win an iPod Shuffle.

Schedule Update for All Products

For full details on your specific location, visit this page on our website (updated weekly).
  • Euphoria (2nd printing): Pre-orders for signed copies end on January 10. Retail release in the US in February; already released in the EU.
  • Between Two Cities: Playtesting is going extremely well, and we're on track for a mid-February Kickstarter. To the right you can see the finished house tile art by Beth Sobel. If you like it, click here to thumb it on BGG!
  • Tuscany, Treasure Chest, Viticulture, Coins, and Stars: January delivery for backers/pre-orders in Australia, Canada, and the EU. All other orders have been shipped.
  • Scythe: Still in early development, but we've been posting pretty images from artist Jakub Rozalski on our Facebook page. Scythe is on track for a 2015 Kickstarter and a 2016 release.
  • Treasure Chest 2: We're currently working on the sculpts for the next Treasure Chest, which should be on Kickstarter in spring 2015.
If you're waiting for a Kickstarter reward or pre-order, you will receive an address update e-mail about a week before shipping begins, along with an e-mail confirmation with tracking when the shipment is initiated.

Quick Notes:
  • Author Day: Jamey is traveling to Oakland next week to meet with Berrett-Koehler, the company that is publishing his upcoming book, A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide.
  • Viticulture Rising on BGG: It's been neat to watch the positive reception to Viticulture's second edition. If you'd like to rate Viticulture on BGG's 1-10 scale, click here and enter a number under "your rating" (it should currently say "N/A" if you haven't already rated it).
  • Videos: The most-watched game design video Jamey released this month was about Sheriff of Nottingham
Top 3 Most-Read New Blog Entries for December: End-of Year Special: Top 5 Most-Read Blog Entries and Posts in 2014 If you'd like to receive our Kickstarter-related blog lessons in your inbox as they're published (2 per week), click here and enter your e-mail address on the right sidebar where it says "Subscribe to Blog via Email."

What We've Been Playing: Between Two Cities, Sheriff of Nottingham, Viticulture/Tuscany, Kemet, Ticket to Ride, Castles of Mad King Ludwig

If you'd like to discuss the contents of this e-mail or if I need to add/change something without resending the newsletter to everyone (i.e., confusing phrasing or a broken link), please go to this page on our website.

— Jamey Stegmaier
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