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February 2014 Update

Hello! I hope this monthly e-newsletter finds you all well and that you have some fun games planned for this weekend. 

Tuscany Kickstarter

As we announced last month, we are putting the final touches on the Kickstarter campaign for Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture, which will launch on March 12 at 9:30 am CST (St. Louis time). I'll send out a quick e-mail update when it goes live. In the meantime, we've been sharing lots of images on BGG if you'd like to check out the visual aspect of Tuscany.

Also, exclusively for e-newsletter subscribers, I've included a photo on this e-mail of the prototypes of the 5 types of special workers in Tuscany (1 of each type in each player color for a total of 30 special worker meeples [the white player color isn't shown here]). These special workers are some of my favorite elements that Tuscany adds to Viticulture, because they make you think about not just where you're going to place your workers, but exactly which worker you're going to place. Two types randomized special workers are available to be trained each game. And just a hint: These aren't the only special workers we've playtested, so hitting certain stretch goals will increase the number of new meeples in every game...

The special workers are just one of EIGHT expansions in every copy of Tuscany: 7 brand-new expansions and Arboriculture (the original expansion). When you receive Tuscany in November, you'll start Game 1 without any expansions, and the winner of each game (or each set of games) gets to decide which expansion to unlock next, thus giving each copy of Tuscany its own unique story.

These price points are subject to change over the next 12 days, but just to give you an idea of how much Tuscany will cost, we're looking at $45 for Tuscany by itself or Tuscany + Viticulture for $79 (there are also some premium options that involve beautiful custom metal lira coins, as well as custom art and expedited shipping). Worldwide shipping costs will be either included or very low thanks to our fulfillment partnerships. You need Viticulture to play Tuscany. If you just want Viticulture, it will be available through our website for $49 (including free shipping to many areas).

I hope you're as excited about Tuscany as we are! We''ll see you on Kickstarter on March 12. :)

Top 3 New Blog Entries for February: What We've Been Playing: Lots of Tuscany (playtesting), Forbidden Island (won 2 out of 4 so far, and For Sale. I just got Kemet, so I'm hoping to get that to the table soon.

If you'd like to discuss the contents of this e-mail with other backers and myself, I would suggest using the comments section of this page on our website.

— Jamey Stegmaier
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