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August 2014 Update

Hello! This month's newsletter includes a deadline for Design Day signups, a schedule update for all of our games, a special discount for our subscribers for the Euphoria Game Trayz set, and what we learned from Gen Con 2014.

1st Annual Stonemaier Games Design Day: Signups Close on September 5

On November 15 in St. Louis, we're hosting our first annual design day, a chance for game designers and gamers come together to playtest game prototypes and learn more about design by playing the "Top 10 Games Every Designer Should Play at Least Once" (list in progress by the League of Gamemakers). We're making the event (entrance, food, drinks, etc) completely free for attendees, and there will be some special participation prizes. Perhaps some designers will even walk away with publishing deals!

So far we have 40 people signed up, a number that exceeded our expectations for this first-time event. To give us ample time to plan the day (it will be fairly structured out of respect for the participants' time), signups will close on September 5. If you would like to sign up, please fill out this form. I'll send out a confirmation message a few days later.

Schedule Update for All Games

Please note that the following are all estimates based on freight shipping, customs, and trucking going smoothly:
  • Viticulture (2nd edition): late September delivery for backers/pre-orders; October retail release
  • Euphoria (2nd printing): November retail release in the US; Essen release in the EU (that release will include German, French, Czech, and English versions)
  • Tuscany: late November delivery for backers/pre-orders; December retail release
  • Treasure Chest: mid-December delivery for early-adopter backers; January delivery for other backers/pre-orders
  • Other products: metal lira coins (December); wooden stars (January), Viticulture 1.0 update pack (late November)
As for future games and Kickstarter projects, all I can say at this point is that I'm really excited about what we're creating for you for 2015. The Stonemaier portfolio will become a bit more robust and varied.

Game Trayz Special Discount

Yesterday I got an exciting note from Noah, the creator of the awesome Euphoria insert and game tray (pictured on right without the clear cover and "shake tested" here on YouTube). He says, "I want to offer Euphoria Newsletter subscribers 10% off Clear Euphoria Game Trayz Sets. Offer good until next Friday (9/6/14). Just click here and use the coupon code TENCLEAR at checkout to get the discount." Thanks Noah!

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If you'd like to discuss the contents of this e-mail or if I need to add/change something without resending the newsletter to everyone (i.e., confusing phrasing or a broken link), please check out this page on our website.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!
— Jamey Stegmaier
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