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January 2016 Update

Hi! We're so grateful that you joined us for the journey in 2015. This was a big year for Stonemaier: We published our first game from outside designers (Between Two Cities by Ben Rosset and Matthew O'Malley), we hired our first employee (Morten Monrad Pedersen), and we had by far our most successful Kickstarter campaign to date with Scythe.

We're excited about what lies ahead in 2016...a time of secrets, mechs, dystopias, cities, and more!

December News and Updates
  • Our 2015 charity auction was a huge success, raising a total of $4,783 for 10 different charities. Huge thanks to all participants!
  • You can share your excitement for Scythe and other 2016 releases by clicking on the green thumbs on this BGG geeklist.
In-Stock Inventory and Pre-Order Products
  • Jamey's crowdfunding book is part of this week's Humble Bundle, or you can order a signed copy here.
  • Game Trayz has a bunch of our individual treasure chest resources on sale through the end of today if you use the code HOLIDAY25.
  • We have a number of products on sale on our website, including the upgrade pack to turn your second-edition copy of Viticulture into the Essential Edition (this isn't needed if you already have Tuscany too).
  • Scythe products and accessories are available for pre-order from us and various retailers here.
2015 Top 10 Lists Product Updates

Top 3 Most-Viewed New Blog Entries in December:
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What We've Been Playing: Patchwork, Ticket to Ride, Animal Upon Animal, The Game, Sheriff of Nottingham, El Grande, The Pillars of the Earth, Star Wars Carcassonne, Elysium, Alhambra

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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