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June 2014 Update

Hello! We have two HUGE announcements today about our current Kickstarter campaign for the Treasure Chest, which will end in just 9 days. Please note that we treat our Kickstarter campaigns like one long early bird level, so while the Treasure Chest will be available for pre-order after the campaign, as soon as the campaign ends, the price will jump up by about $10-$12 to reflect the final value of the product. The Treasure Chest also gets better for every 100 backers it attracts on Kickstarter--as a result, it has grown from 120 resource tokens to 138 tokens over the last week!

Euphoria Second-Edition Recruits

Short version: 16 second edition Euphoria recruits (updated and revised versions of the originals) are now included in the Treasure Chest for free, and they will be available by themselves for $5 through the BGG store in December.

Long version: Our European production partner, Morning Players, should be releasing the second edition of Euphoria in October/November (hopefully in time for Essen). Aside from some clarifications in the rulebook, the only change of note in the second edition is that we made slight adjustments to a few recruit cards that now have a cost of 1 knowledge instead of 2 knowledge. We also identified 10 recruits that were either overpowered or underpowered and revised their abilities. Aside from Michael the Engineer, all of the original recruits are still completely playable.

We have 9,000 copies of the first edition of Euphoria out there in the hands of people like you, so we wanted to find a way to get these revised recruits to you. The Treasure Chest, while not directly associated with Euphoria, seems like a great conduit for distributing those 16 recruit cards, so we've decided to include the cards for free in every copy of the Treasure Chest (on Kickstarter until July 9).

If you want the cards but have no interest in the Treasure Chest, we're providing BGG with a bunch of extra sets (16 recruits each) to sell for $5 through their store in December. We don't make any money off of that--it's just our way of giving you easy access to those cards by themselves.

Wooden Stars and New Reward Level

Short version: Wooden stars (for Euphoria or any game) are now available as a $9 add-on for the Treasure Chest. Also, we've created a new best-value reward level at $59, which includes the Treasure Chest, 72 metal lira coins, the wooden stars, and early adopter shipping in December (total value: $107).

Long version: One of the most requested elements missing from the retail version of Euphoria are the wooden stars (it's hard to feel like you're exerting authority over a dystopia when you place a cardboard star). The original wooden stars were a Kickstarter exclusive, but we recently designed new wooden stars for Tuscany. Based on backer interest, we've decided to manufacture a small print run of the Tuscany stars in Euphoria player colors.

The stars are now available as an add-on for the Treasure Chest for $9 (60 stars, 10 in each player color) and by themselves through our website for $12. Also, we've created a new bundled package on the Treasure Chest Kickstarter that includes the Treasure Chest ($60 MSRP), 72 metal lira coins from Tuscany ($22 MSRP), 60 wooden stars, and the $6 upgrade to early adopter shipping in December (total value: $107).

Game Trayz

Our friends at Game Trayz have completed their first set of premium Euphoria "trayz." I love their eye for design! You can click on the image below to learn more.

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Thanks, and have a great weekend!
— Jamey Stegmaier
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