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March 2017 Update

Hi! I hope you had an excellent month of gaming in February. Things have been very busy for Stonemaier lately, with several game expansions in the works and Charterstone wrapping up blind playtesting.

  • With an expansion announcement coming soon for Between Two Cities, we've created a Facebook page for that world of games. We'll also be revealing information about the new Scythe expansion in our April e-newsletter...until then it's shrouded in mystery.
  • I recently ran a 4-question survey on my crowdfunding blog to help other creators see how backers currently view early birds and exclusives. Here's the survey if you'd like to contribute your unique perspective (it'll show you the overall results after you fill it out).
  • So far I've heard from several retailers about Stonemaier-related International Tabletop Day events: Satellite Comics & Games in Chatham, NJ, North Coast Role Playing in Eureka, CA, and Quiche Games in Toronto, ON. We'll be supporting them with promos.
Product Updates
  • With Charterstone nearing the end of blind playtesting, curious fans have been contributing to a great conversation here on Facebook. Many retailers are already accepting pre-orders for it, though it isn't due to arrive until much later in 2017.
  • Some reviewers offer special promo cards for our products during their fundraising campaigns (like Tantrum House, Game Boy Geek, and No Pun Included). For the promo cards in particular, we send the reviewers the number of promos they need, and then after they fulfill their rewards, we'll sell those promos from then on through Meeplesource and other retailers. It's a great way to support those awesome content creators, though!
  • If you're looking to enhance your favorite games, our realistic resource tokens are currently in stock at Top Shelf Gamer.
  • Our friends at Meeplesource have put together several bundles of Scythe accessories and promos to make it easier for people to buy "all the things."
  • Our future printing form is always available for you to share what you want us to make. If enough people want something, we'll make it.

Top 3 Most-Viewed New Blog Entries in February:
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What I've Been Playing: TIME Stories (Expedition: Endurance), Russian Railroads with expansion, Toryes, Hanamikoji, Oracle of Delphi, The Colonists, Hop, Santorini,  Mechs vs. Minions

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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