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January 2014 Update

Hello! I hope this monthly e-newsletter finds you all well and that you have some fun games planned for this weekend. 

Tuscany Kickstarter

Thanks to the efforts of blind playtesters around the world and our amazing artist (Beth Sobel) and graphic designer (Christine Bielke), we're on track to launch the Kickstarter for Tuscany: Expand the World of Viticulture on March 12 at 9:30 am CST. I'll send out a quick e-newsletter a few minutes before the project goes live so that you all can be the first to know about it. Although there aren't early bird reward levels, there are a few limited rewards, and we're also going to randomly select backers who help us unlock the structure expansion stretch goal and put each of their names on the bottom of one structure card (one name per card) in every copy of Tuscany.

We were planning on offering special resource tokens for Euphoria and other games as an add-on during the Tuscany campaign, but we decided to hold off on those resources until another Kickstarter campaign in early summer. Viticulture and Tuscany don't use those resources, so we decided they might be confusing or detract focus from the point of the KS campaign, which is to make Tuscany. The plus side is that we now have some extra time to create a really special "treasure chest" of realistic resources that can be used in a variety of games. I'll keep you in the loop about that as it develops.

Euphoria Errata

There are various power levels among all recruit cards in Euphoria, many of which depend on which recruit or faction you pair them with or when you activate them, but there was one recruit that has been universally deemed overpowered: Our friend Michael the Engineer. Thus we've updated him as seen below. We'll include a replacement card in any expansions we make for Euphoria, but for now I'd recommend simply printing out the image below and putting it in your game to refer to while you're playing. Further explanations and details can be found on the FAQ.

Viticulture Second Printing Final Rules

With Tuscany nearing the end of development, we were able to finalize Viticulture for a second print run. Given the way that Tuscany expands the world of Viticulture (hey, that's the byline!), we wanted to make sure that every aspect of Viticulture made sense as the various expansion elements were added. And, of course, that Viticulture could continue to be fun and engaging by itself.

Thus we've finalized the Viticulture second printing rules, quick guide, and summary of changes. You're welcome to play with these changes now, or you can wait until you receive Tuscany, as the first "layer" of Tuscany (Tuscany unfolds in layers every time you play, kind of like Risk Legacy) provides the proper materials to make the transition smooth for those of you who already own Viticulture.

Top 3 New Blog Entries for January: What We've Been Playing: Lots of Tuscany (playtesting) and a fair amount of Terra Mystica. I also played the Belfort Expansion Expansion for the first time the other day and really liked it.

If you'd like to discuss the contents of this e-mail with other backers and myself, I would suggest using the comments section of this page on our website.

— Jamey Stegmaier
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