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March 2016 Update

Hi, I hope you enjoyed your leap day! Here's all the important Stonemaier stuff happening right now:

Recent and Upcoming Events
  • Moor Visitors Pre-Order: I'm extremely grateful for the 90+ retailers who participated in last week's Moor Visitors pre-order. I hope you found the system easy to use and discovered some new retailers. We ended up selling a total of 3,431 copies of the Moor Visitors Expansion in 1 week! The latest update from our freight shipping company has us receiving the games on March 10, at which point we'll promptly ship them out the retailers who participated in the pre-order. If you missed the pre-order, many of the retailers are still accepting pre-orders here.
  • Crowdfunding Talk: I'm helping out with a crowdfunding teleseminar on March 9 at noon (CST). If you're interested, you can sign up here.
  • Game Design Panel: I'm participating in a game design panel at the St. Louis Science Center's monthly "First Friday" event on April 1. Feel free to stop by!
New Ways to Engage
  • Future Printing Form: I often hear from people that they're interested in a specific product we're sold out (like metal coins or promo tokens) of or even hypothetical products we've never made. For us to justify an entire print run, though, we need evidence that there are more than just a few people who want something. Now there's a way for you to communicate to us what you want so we can make informed decisions about future printings: The Future Printing Form. If you fill this out, you will be the first to know when these items become available.
  • Tabletop Simulator: Scythe is now available on Tabletop Simulator! The team at Berserk Games did a fantastic job with the implementation. My favorite feature is that they used art from Scythe to decorate the walls of the "game room."
  • Facebook Groups: Last month I mentioned the robust group of Viticulture fans on Facebook. Since then, Facebook groups for Scythe and Euphoria have appeared. At some point in the future I'll be spoiling information about expansions for both of those games (I'll talk about that in this e-newsletter too).

Product Updates

Top 3 Most-Viewed New Blog Entries in February:
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— Jamey Stegmaier
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