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August 2015 Update

Hi! I hope your week is off to a good start. I have some big news from Stonemaier headquarters, a brief report about Gen Con, and updates about Scythe and a few other games.

Our First Hire!

When we (Jamey and Alan) started Stonemaier games in 2012, it was a hobby on the side of our full-time jobs. Stonemaier quickly became a full-time job for me (Jamey) in addition to my day job, so in December 2013 I decided to focus solely on Stonemaier. Alan continued working his full-time job, helping out with Stonemaier on the side.

We've reached the point that our main limitation for growth and effectiveness is time. So we decided to expand our access to that precious resource by hiring someone (part-time for now) who has made a significant impact on Stonemaier Games dating way back to our first Kickstarter. That person is Morten Monrad Pedersen.

You might recognize Morten's name from his work on the solo expansions to our games (his Automa system has already achieved much acclaim). He's also the lead designer for the Euphoria expansion. Morten is also on a Papa card in Tuscany, as shown here. We've really enjoyed working with Morten over the last few years, and we're happy to add him to the Stonemaier family as our Development Specialist.


Scythe is near the end of the second wave of blind playtesting. That's when we send the rules and print-and-play files to ambassadors around the world, and people learn the game on their own and play it. In the last two months we've had over 400 blind playtest sessions, as well as regular playtests led by me (Jamey) at Gen Con last week. Here is a video from Drive-Thru Review with me explaining the core elements of Scythe to reviewer Joel Eddy.

Jakub Rozalski (Scythe worldbuilder and artist) has been working for several months with sculptors, me, and Panda to create the mech miniatures. This is the first Stonemaier Games project with miniatures, and we've heard plenty of horror stories from other creators about the delays caused by miniatures. So we wanted to go into the Kickstarter project (October 13) with production-ready miniatures, as shown below. The miniatures range from 28-35mm tall, and each faction has 4 mechs.

New Treasure Chests

We're in the process of working with backers and sculptors to design 5 new treasure chests of realistic resources, to be released through several Kickstarter projects in the next 12-18 months. Here's a quick glimpse at some of the revised animal sculpts for these tokens. If you have feedback about these tokens, please post it here.

Events and Other Quick Updates
  • Gen Con: We had a great time in Indianapolis last week, and I shared stories, highlights, and photos from the convention on this blog post.
  • Online Euphoria Tournament: Boardspace is running a free online tournament for Euphoria. You can sign up here.
  • Tabletop Designers Summit: This is an online event in March that I'll be participating in as a speaker. There's more information about it here.
Incoming Products

Final production is complete for Between Two Cities and the treasure chests we funded this spring, so they'll headed out via freight shipping next week. These photos of the advance copies (click on the images to pre-order them):

Other Product Updates

For full details on your specific location, visit this page on our website (updated weekly).
  • Between Two Cities: Final production is complete, and we anticipate delivering games to backers and pre-order customers within the month of October.
  • New Treasure Chests: Final production is complete, and we anticipate delivering games to backers and pre-order customers within the month of October.
  • Euphoria Expansion: The design for the Euphoria expansion by Morten Monrad Pedersen is in progress.
  • Euphoria and Tuscany: Euphoria and Tuscany are available in stores everywhere. The Tuscany misprint stickers are on the BGG store here. While we plan to reprint parts of Tuscany in the future, it is unlikely we will reprint the entirety of it every again, so now is the time to get it if you're interested in expanding your Viticulture experience.
  • Viticulture: Viticulture is sold out to distributors. We're planning a reprint for December/January release (no Kickstarter, maybe pre-orders through our website).
  • Treasure Chest, Coins, and Stars: The original Treasure Chest, metal coins, and stars are available at Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. The coins can also be found through our fulfillment partner, MeepleSource. Individual resource tokens are available from MeepleSource and Game Trayz.
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— Jamey Stegmaier
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