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September 2015 Update &

Viticulture Essential Pre-Order
Hi! I hope your week is off to a good start. I have some big news about a new edition of Viticulture, updates about Scythe, and a new way of visualizing the progress of our various projects.

Announcing: The Viticulture Essential Edition

A few months ago, soon after we sold out of Viticulture, I was contacted by famed designer Uwe Rosenberg (Agricola, Caverna, Bohnanza, etc). Apparently he had played Viticulture and parts of Tuscany, and much to my honor, he loved the game.

Uwe asked if I would consider printing a new edition of Viticulture—basically, the second edition plus several expansions from Tuscany (Mamas & Papas, Properties, Advanced and New Visitors, and the Automa solo variant cards). We would first print it in English, then in German (in partnership with a German publisher).

The Viticulture Essential Edition has been in production for a few months now, and Panda is in the final stages of assembling the game to ship out of China at the end of September. Thus we've decided to host a brief pre-order for those who are interested in the game or the Essential Upgrade Pack (for those who own Viticulture but not Tuscany--there is no new content that isn't already in Tuscany).

As a special offer to e-newsletter subscribers, if you include a copy of Tuscany with your pre-order of the Viticulture Essential Edition (they'll be shipped together to you), enter the code COMPLETE at checkout to receive a $15 discount.

The pre-order campaign is live now until the evening of September 15. There's a lengthy FAQ at the bottom of the pre-order page, but you can also ask questions on the official BGG thread.

Scythe: On Kickstarter October 13

Scythe has ended the final wave of multi-player blind playtesting. That's when we send the rules and print-and-play files to ambassadors around the world, and people learn the game on their own and play it. In the last three months we've had over 750 blind playtest sessions. I'm incredibly grateful for the time, expense, and creative energy these playtesters put into making Scythe as fun and balanced as possible.

Jakub Rozalski (Scythe worldbuilder and artist) has been working on the graphic design for the faction mats and player mats. You've seen art from the game, but I thought I'd show you what the art looks like when combined with some of the mechanisms

Above is the Rusviet player mat. It has a faction ability in the upper right, starting power and combat cards, and four mech abilities (these start the game covered up by your four mechs, and as you deploy each mech, the exposed abilities apply to all of your mechs and your character). All of those elements are unique from faction to faction. On the bottom left are one-time bonuses you earn when you enlist new recruits into your troop.

Events and Other Quick Updates
  • PixelPop Festival: I'll be on a crowdfunding panel at the PixelPop Festival in St. Louis on September 12 at 2:00.
  • Crowdfunding Book: My book, A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide, will be released on September 14. I'll send out a quick reminder about it that day.
  • Tabletop Designers Summit: This is an online event in March that I'll be participating in as a speaker. There's more information about it here.
Product Updates

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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