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September 2014 Update

and Charity Auction
Hello! This month's newsletter includes a link to our annual charity auction (it launches today!), news about upcoming events and conventions, and a schedule update for all games.

Euphoria Ultra Supreme Charity Auction

Our annual charity auction is live! We've teamed up with 9 of our favorite bloggers and podcasters to support their charities of choice through this auction. 9 copies of Euphoria Ultra Supreme are in the auction (1 per blogger/charity--each copy has its own auction), which includes:
  • 1 copy of Euphoria with realistic resources, wooden stars, and alternate-art recruit cards
  • a premium platinum-blue Game Tray(z)
  • 16 updated recruit cards fresh off the press
  • free shipping anywhere in the world.
Bidding starts at $1 and will continue until October 8 at noon (CST).

Even if you're not interested in bidding, you can thumb the auction geeklist on BGG, thumb your favorite bloggers/podcasters on the list (the one with the most thumbs gets a prize, as does the one with the highest winning bid), or just check out the list to learn about some new bloggers/podcasters and the charities they support. The auction is now live here!

Schedule Update for All Games

Please note that the following are all estimates based on freight shipping, customs, and trucking going smoothly:
  • Viticulture (2nd edition): October delivery for backers/pre-orders, followed by retail release.
  • Euphoria (2nd printing): November retail release in the US; Essen release in the EU (will include German, French, Czech, and English versions). Sign up for our European production partner's e-newsletter here.
  • Tuscany: December/January delivery for backers/pre-orders, followed by retail release.
  • Treasure Chest: mid-December delivery for early-adopter backers; January delivery for other backers/pre-orders
  • Other products: metal lira coins (January); wooden stars (January), Viticulture 1.0 update pack (January)
As for future games and Kickstarter projects, all I can say at this point is that I'm really excited about what we're creating for you for 2015 and beyond. We recently had a "visioning day" where we mapped out some plans for the future and ways to improve, and I'm looking forward to moving ahead with those plans.

Upcoming Events and Conventions
  • Essen Spiel (October 16-19): We can't attend Essen Spiel this year, but you can stop by the Morning Players booth (Hall 1, Booth G124) to check out the release of Euphoria's second printing.
  • 2014 Extra Life/Arch Reactor Game Day (Sunday, October 26 in St. Louis): Come join us for a day of games at the open gaming space called Arch Reactor (2400 S. Jefferson). We're covering all food costs, and we'll match any donations that day or via our Extra Life team page to benefit the St. Louis Children's Hospital. The event page on Facebook is here.
  • Stonemaier Games Design Day (November 15): Registration for this event has closed with over 70 attendees, way beyond our expectations for this first-time event.
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What We've Been Playing: Power Grid, Tzolk'in, Carcassonne, Sushi Go, Dead of Winter, For Sale, Libertalia, Blokus, The Speicherstadt

If you'd like to discuss the contents of this e-mail or if I need to add/change something without resending the newsletter to everyone (i.e., confusing phrasing or a broken link), please check out this page on our website.

— Jamey Stegmaier
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