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April 2016 Update

Hi! In this month's e-newsletter I'll talk about the last chance to pre-order Scythe and Scythe accessories, an announcement for a new Euphoria game, a new ala carte system we're testing out, a Moor Visitors update, and more!

Time-Sensitive Updates
  • Game Design Panel: I'm participating in a game design panel at the St. Louis Science Center's monthly "First Friday" event on April 1 at 8:00. Feel free to stop by and say hi!
  • Scythe Pre-Order: It's almost time to start coordinating with Panda and our freight shipping company, OTX, to determine the exact amount of each Scythe game and accessory to send to the various fulfillment centers. So April 5 will be the last day we can accept pre-orders of any kind. The pre-order page is here.
  • Moor Visitors Update: Retailers are starting to receive their pre-orders for Moor Visitors. The air freight shipments to France, Australia, and Canada are currently in customs, and the freight shipment to our US fulfillment center (which will handle shipments to Asia) will arrive today. Retailers in those regions will receive their games by April 8 and will ship them to customers soon afterwards.
Special Announcements
  • Leaders of Euphoria: We're incredibly excited to announce that our friends at Overworld Games, a company that specializes in large-group social/deduction/bluffing games, will be publishing Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor, a 4-8 player social deduction game in the style of Good Cop Bad Cop and set in the Euphoria universe. Brian and Clayton have been working on the design for over a year, with Jamey helping out with development. It's a fantastic game, and we look forward to sharing it with you when Overworld launches a Kickstarter for it this summer. You can learn more on the Prefundia page for the game.
  • Ala Carte: We recently decided to start selling some excess components from our games ala carte. So if you've always wanted the extended board from Tuscany, the extra tokens in the Between Two Cities special edition, or other specific components, check out our ala carte page!
  • Token Trilogy: We're really, really close to finalizing the new realistic resource tokens for the Adventure Atlas, Gadget Guide, and Terror Tome. I received a big batch of samples yesterday, and a few of them just need some small painting adjustments before we proceed with the pre-order campaign. It'll be a short campaign on our website, and I'll let all e-newsletter subscribers about it when it launches.

Product Updates

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— Jamey Stegmaier
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