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Add Services to Increase Revenue

Want to increase your revenue and broaden your expertise and skill set? Serving legal documents is an essential and important step of the legal process, but legal support services certainly don’t stop there. Process servers can increase their revenue and gain more clients by simply expanding their services.

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Process Server Daily Podcast

First Legal is Hiring!

LASC Court Filing Experts Needed

As the Los Angeles Superior Court makes the transition to mandatory eFiling, First Legal wants the best and brightest in the industry to transfer their knowledge and experience to our growing Concierge eFiling department in Henderson, NV.

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Process Servers are Making the Switch to ServeManager


Transitioning to a new software program poses challenges that force you to improve your business. In this case study, Bosco Legal discusses what the transition process looks like - what to expect and what worked for them. Changing software solutions isn't just about using new technology; it's an opportunity to analyze how you're operating as a whole to increase your company's longevity.

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Process Server Daily Podcast

Process Server Daily Podcast

Process Server Daily's podcast shares stories and experiences of process servers to educate and entertain fellow legal support service professionals. Give it a listen to learn something new about our industry!


Propelling Your Company Forward With Technology


Recorded on February 25, 2016 with David Nill

David’s company, Rapid Legal, has evolved from a firm with many physical locations to a virtual process serving company that’s driven almost completely by technology. In this webinar, he will discuss how the small- to medium-sized traditional process serving companies can adopt technologies that make them more efficient, profitable and prepare them for the future.

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Our educational webinar series for process servers! ServeNowEDU is an ongoing series of live webinars designed to educate process servers. Industry experts and leaders in legal share their expertise, from marketing tips and technology recommendations to the business of process serving, compliance, and more.


CALSPro: An In-Depth Look with Larry Kirlin

"Our legacy is our strength. Since 1969 we have developed policies and procedures that foster the open sharing of ideas. Outside of CALSPro, it is rare for industry competitors to work together so collaboratively to solve problems and give support."

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ServeManager Webinars

Join ServeManager for a free upcoming webinar to learn more about the software's features, benefits, and get your questions answered.

• Wednesday, August 29th 11am-11:40am MDT
• Wednesday, August 29th 4pm-4:40pm MDT

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Upcoming Events

September 7th - 8th, 2018 | Mesa, AZ
APSA & AALPI 2018 Conference

September 8th, 2018 | San Rafael, CA
CCPS Workshop & Exam 2018

October 5 - 7th 2018 | Sacramento, CA
CALSPro 50th Annual Conference

October 7th, 2018 | Sacramento, CA
CCPS Workshops & Exams 2018

October 12th - 14th, 2018 | Saratoga Springs, NY
NYSPPSA Annual Convention 2018

November 2nd - 3rd, 2018 | Houston, TX
TPSA Annual Convention 2018

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