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CALSPro: An In-Depth Look with Larry Kirlin

"Our legacy is our strength. Since 1969 we have developed policies and procedures that foster the open sharing of ideas. Outside of CALSPro, it is rare for industry competitors to work together so collaboratively to solve problems and give support."

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Process Server Daily Podcast

Process Server Daily Podcast

Process Server Daily's podcast shares stories and experiences of process servers to educate and entertain fellow legal support service professionals. Give it a listen to learn something new about our industry!


ServeManager is Hiring!

Firm Management Advisor

The process serving industry generally lacks the notion of a “practice management advisor” that exists for law firms. That’s why we’re creating a “Firm Management Advisor” role for the process serving industry. This role is about helping our existing customer fully utilize more of the ServeManager features, and consulting them on how they can run a more efficient and profitable process serving business.

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30 Apps and Tools in 30 Minutes


Recorded on January 28, 2016 with Adam Camras

We all know that time is our most precious commodity and there is never enough. Process servers who watch will learn about how to measure your time, apps and tools to optimize your life and business, ways to provide a better experience for your clients, and additional revenue streams.

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Our educational webinar series for process servers! ServeNowEDU is an ongoing series of live webinars designed to educate process servers. Industry experts and leaders in legal share their expertise, from marketing tips and technology recommendations to the business of process serving, compliance, and more.


Mandatory eFiling in Cook County, Illinois

Cook County, Illinois, took a long-awaited step in the direction of technological advancement this year by making electronic court filing (eFiling) mandatory for all civil cases. Illinois’ Supreme Court ruled that legal paperwork must be filed electronically in Cook County as of July 1st, 2018. Laws like these progress our legal system and are considered by many a step towards a more efficient court process.

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ServeManager Webinars

Join ServeManager for a free upcoming webinar to learn more about the software's features, benefits, and get your questions answered.

• Wednesday, August 15th 11am-11:40am MDT
• Wednesday, August 15th 4pm-4:40pm MDT

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Upcoming Events

August 17-19th, 2018 | St. Pete Beach, FL
FAPPS 17th Annual Professional Beach Getaway

August 25th, 2018 | Santa Ana, CA
CCPS Workshop & Exam 2018

September 7th - 8th, 2018 | Mesa, AZ
APSA & AALPI 2018 Conference

September 8th, 2018 | San Rafael, CA
CCPS Workshop & Exam 2018

October 5 - 7th 2018 | Sacramento, CA
CALSPro 50th Annual Conference

October 7th, 2018 | Sacramento, CA
CCPS Workshops & Exams 2018

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