Newsletter :: September 22, 2014
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Register for TIP Sessions via KeepCertified

Technology Integration Program (TIP) Sessions are short 20-40 minute inservice workshops (generally before or after school) that demonstrate classroom uses of technology. At least one TIP Session will be offered each month, in each building. Staff members can register for TIP Sessions through the KeepCertified website. When you register and attend a TIP Session, KeepCertified you will credit 1 clock-hour (CEU) to your account for re-licensure. Not sure how to register? You can find KeepCertified TIP Sheets and FAQs on our website.

Upcoming TIP Sessions:

Wednesday, September 24 @ 7:15 am
Replacing the Blue Book: Digital Lesson Planning
Middle School  |  E206  |  Jeremy Biermaier
Thursday, September 25 @ 7:15 am
Getting Started with Hapara: Teacher Dashboard
High School  |  Ares Lab  |  Shawn Brandt
Thursday, September 25 @ 8:05 am
Infinite Campus: Grade Book Setup & FAQs

Raven | Upper Lab (gr. 3-5) S. Schoenecker | Lower (gr. 1-2) K.Brandt
Friday, September 26 @ 7:15 am
Google Documents: Providing Efficient and Effective Feedback
High School  |  Room 122  |  Sean DuBe'
Thursday, October 2 @ 8:00 am
NPAS Teacher Website Design (create class web pages)

Eagle View  |  Media Lab  |  Jason Wacek & Jennifer Braun
Friday, October 3 @ 8:05 am
NPAS Teacher Website Design (create class web pages)
Falcon Ridge  |  Media Lab  |  Erin Streefland & Amy Borwege
Friday, October 3 @ 3:00 - 4:00 pm
New Teachers (grades 6-12): Infinite Campus Grade Book
Central Education Campus  |  CEC 154  |  Shawn Brandt

Checking Student Grades in Infinite Campus

Campus Instruction makes it easy to enter assignments, scores, and calculate grades... but only for the classes you teach. What if you need to view a student's grade from a class/subject that you do not teach? For example, a middle school advisor, who teaches science, may need to view a student's math grade.

To accomplish this task, teachers will need to "switch" to the Campus Tools mode and click Instruction > Roster > Grades tab. Watch this video or go the the FAQ page to see a demonstration.

Create Class Web Pages on the District Site

In last week's newsletter, I shared the district decision to drop our TeacherWeb subscription after the 2014-15 (review the reasons in the previous newsletter). If you are looking for resources to help create, design, and modify your class web pages, visit TIP Sheets & FAQs: Staff Directory.


Current TeacherWeb Users
: If you are currently using TeacherWeb as your class website, you do not have to make any changes at this time. This is simply a notification so you can transition to the district website by the start of the 2015-16 school year.

Moodle: Teachers in grades 6-12 will continue using their free Moodle course pages to post student resources, assignments, and assessments. Moodle is designed to help teachers and students manage and organize course content. It is not intended to be a communication site for parent information. Use the district class pages to post general information (course description, syllabus, etc.) for parents.

Hapara (currently for High School teachers)

With our high school Chromebook lease program includes a subscription to Hapara for teachers and students. The tool provides a Teacher Dashboard that allows you to quickly see all student Google files in your class folder. It saves teachers time and helps students stay organized. Hapara also allows teachers to monitor Chromebook screens, helping students stay on task in the classroom. Use the TIP Sheet below to help you get started with the basic uses of Hapara. If you are interested in learning more, please register for the TIP Session on Thursday, September 25th at 7:15 am. 

TIP Sheet: Hapara

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