February 2015 #2
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Only 2 weeks to go until we open the doors to the EASL Microbiota, Metabolism and NAFLD conference in Innsbruck, Austria, February 26-28, 2015.

Organisers Michael Trauner and Hilbert Tilg will invite expert faculty to present how metabolic and inflammatory aspects have been increasingly recognized to play a crucial role in obesity and related disorders including NAFLD. Discussion will also focus on the key role of metabolic and immune processes as driving forces in these diseases. 

Register now to secure your seat.


Young Investigators - Apply for the EASL short-term fellowship and learn from peers in another European hepatology unit!

If you would like to enhance your career and broaden your knowledge on the liver then take part in a scientific exchange.

The Andrew K. Burroughs EASL fellowship provides sufficient funding to enable you to take up to 3 months leave.

Application is open until March 15.
In honour of Prof. Andrew K. Burroughs (1953-2014)  

Young Investigators - Attend the liver cirrhosis and complications EASL School of Hepatology

Application is free for those under 35 and/or still in training!

Cirrhosis and its whole spectrum of diseases are major causes of mortality in Russia and Eastern Europe. The programme of our EASL school consists of lectures which cover such topics.

What will students learn?
Young investigators will hear about the latest achievements, diagnosis, and treatments in this field. 

What are the outcomes?
The objectives are to teach young physicians how to correctly diagnose people with cirrhosis and any of its complications. How to choose and give the best treatment to the patient in order to improve prognosis, and decrease mortality.

Who will be there?
Presenters are leading European specialists with knowledge and experience in treating people with cirrhosis and complications.

Apply now to the EASL Clinical School of Hepatology and join us in Moscow, Russia.
Application Deadline: February 27.



Young Investigators - Have you heard about the new YI Award that will be presented at The International Liver Congress in Vienna? 

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of EASL, the Young Investigator Concerted Action Group (YI-CAG) is proud to introduce a new yearly YI award specifically dedicated for young fellows.

If you would like your research achievements acknowledged in front of 11,000 liver experts and want to publish a review in the Journal of Hepatology then apply now! Full details and conditions can be found on the EASL website.


Only 2 weeks until abstract submission ends for the EASL Monothematic Conference on liver disease in resource limited settings conference 

What do you know about
  • Epidemiology of liver disease in Eastern Europe & Africa?
  • Management of Alcoholic Liver Disease, NAFLD and HCC in Eastern Europe?
  • Hepatitis B and delta?
  • HIV co-infection?
  • Fake drugs for viral hepatitis in Eastern Europe?

Explore the EASL Monothematic Conference scientific programme and join us in Bucharest, Romania.

Submit your abstract before February 27, 2015!
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