March 2016 #2
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NASH: Beyond the acronym: certainties and clinical dilemmas

EASL Monothematic Conference, 12-14 May 2016, Riga, Latvia

Register before 13 March 2016 to benefit from early fees.
Explore the NASH programme and prepare your agenda.


Apply before 15 March 2016

Available to registered Young Investigator EASL members, the €24,000 funding offered by the Andrew K. Burroughs fellowship programme serves to:

  • Facilitate international collaboration between research groups
  • Enhance investigator mobility (max. length of each fellowship must not exceed 3 months)
  • Promote scientific exchange

Visit the EASL website for full details regarding the programme duration, funding, and eligibility.

Want to learn more about cirrhosis?

Explore what’s on offer on cirrhosis and complications at The International Liver Congress™ 2016!

Pick your colour and prepare your personal agenda. Enjoy The International Liver Congress™ 2016 scientific experience!

Are you working on liver fibrosis?

Take part in the EASL Monothematic Conference on Liver Fibrosis: the next goal of targeted therapy?, 17-18 June 2016, Porto, Portugal.


Take the opportunity to submit your research.

Submit your abstract before 21 March 2016. Explore the scientific programme.

Young scientists are particularly encouraged to participate and will have the opportunity to present original results during the eposter sessions.


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