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Learn more about Microbiota, Metabolism and NAFLD

Attend the EASL Monothematic Conference, February 26-28 2015, in Innsbruck, Austria to discuss new areas of research in this field.

EASL event - Microbiota, Metabolism and NAFLD
  • Increase your awareness of the relationship of the gut microbiota with metabolic processes
  • Better understand the current pathogenesis of metabolic dsyfunction in NAFLD
  • Learn about the roles of innate immunity in metabolic inflammation
  • Discuss the role of the intestinal microbiome as a diagnostic and prognostic marker across the spectrum of NAFLD
  • Develop your ideas for new therapies interfering at the gut microbiota level

ILC 2015 early fee deadline

Contemplating a trip to Vienna in April? Join over 10,000 liver experts at the International Liver Congress™ and celebrate 50 years of hepatology with EASL at our 50th anniversary event.

Watch last year’s 2014 highlights video and reserve your seat for ILC 2015 in Austria! View the Scientific Programme on the congress website

Register before February 1, 2015 to benefit from early fees. 

Interested in liver data and €150,000?

Join forces and build a clear picture of what's happening in the liver field. 

The EASL Registry Data Collection Grant provides funding to help you organise consortia groups dedicated to data gathering with specific focus on liver disease. Up to €150,000 to be awarded.
Application deadline: February 6, 2015


Get your visa for Moscow

EASL Clinical School of Hepatology Course 24: Liver cirrhosis and complications

If you want to attend our Clinical School of Hepatology on Liver cirrhosis and complications you may need to prepare your visa request.

Visit the school website for application details.

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