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A wonderful “WOW” and welcome to Mercedes-Benz USA from Gutsy Gals Inspire Me™! We just heard from Sabrina Glavan from Public Relations and Corporate Communications that Mercedes-Benz USA will get behind us by honoring their Gutsy Gal, Berta Benz, in 2010. Stay tuned for the exciting details...

Congratulations to Melissa Cantekin for winning the CC Skye give away. Please email us and we'll connect you to CC right away.

Are you “Gutsy”??? Of course you are!!! Know someone who is??? Of course you do!!! A very limited number of  “Gutsy” caps arrive in November, fun to wear and makes for a great Holiday gift. The caps are washed purple, say Gutsy on the front and Drive Your Destiny on the back. Reserve your caps here. Cost $30.00 + shipping and handling.

Santa Barbara readers only: if you or someone you know is having a holiday trunk show or gift buying open house, let us know and we will shout out the details with one special direct email. Deadline for submission is November 15th.

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In Jayne’s World 

“It’s said that God tickles you with a feather and if you don’t listen, He hits you with a brick. Apparently, I was one of His tougher cases.

A charming, deep voice cuts through my semi-conscious state, 'We have to get you into surgery right away, Miss Martin.' 'Will it leave a scar?' I hear myself reply. 'Yes,' the charming voice says, 'but the alternative is paralysis.' 'Go for it,' I say, and then the charming voice is gone. I have fallen and broken my neck. I cannot walk and while my arms are happy to oblige whatever I ask of them, my snarled hands will have nothing to do with me. So begins the story of how I, a very independent, single woman of 60, broke my neck in a fall and had to learn give up my control-freak nature and give in to learning to accept help from others in order to recover. On a night out with the girls, sporting new red high heels and, admittedly, indulging in a little too much of the party-juice, I took a fall that would change my life forever. It took nearly a month in the hospital and countless hours of physical therapy to regain the use of my legs and arms. Throughout it all my girlfriends were there and without their love and support, I could not have made it. This is their story, too, and a testament to the friendships of women everywhere." - Jayne Martin

To enjoy Jayne’s blog visit InJaynesWorld.

The opinions expressed on Jayne's blog are the views of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me.
Open for Biz: Mary Liz Lehman


“To sleep, to sleep, perchance to dream.”

Mary Liz Lehman’s mother would whisper these magical Shakespearean words to her every evening before bedtime. The little girl could never have imagined that her dreams would come true.

As the owner of Perchance Boutique, on Chicago’s trendy Southport corridor, Mary Liz climbed the proverbial corporate ladder before realizing that she wanted more. She bravely ditched her high paying job at a large credit card company and pursued her Masters degree in business from the world-renowned Kellogg School at Northwestern University. And then she really got to work.

Mary Liz aspired to open a store that looked and felt like a “dream closet.” Her initial concept of a shoe boutique has morphed into a vintage glam shopping experience that offers unique clothing pieces from local designers like Blake Standard, and old favorites like Diane von Furstenburg and Shoshanna. With an extensive shoe collection and stunning interior, Perchance is all about customer service and making women feel beautiful (without the attitude and snoot usually found at such places).

To check out the store or to shop online, visit the Perchance Boutique website. Enjoy FREE shipping on all orders!

One very lucky person will receive a beautiful cashmere dress (pictured above) from Perchance Boutique. To win, respond to this email and enter your name. Winner to be announced in next month's newsletter.
Guardian Angelica

“You have to be inspired ... I thought, this is it.”

Deborah Hall, the owner of Gypsy Canyon winery in Santa Barbara, understands that business is all about crafting something out of nothing. When she and her husband Bill bought a dilapidated lima bean farm, the visionary pair began plans to transform the property into an idyllic vineyard. On the cusp of their semi-retirement, Bill passed away from bone cancer. Alone with two children to raise, Deborah summoned the strength to keep the family’s dream alive.

Despite no experience in wine making, and countless hiccups along the way, Deborah is now the producer of a rare dessert wine called Angelica. Made from the old Mission grapes she found on her property, her Angelica is an experience in the true art of wine making. And lest you think that the fine wine market has tanked with the economy, Deborah has such a high demand that her vino is only available through an exclusive club with a waiting list!

For a chance to experience Gypsy Canyon’s exquisite Angelica or Pinot Noir, visit their website.
Wicked Gutsy

“I’ll get you my pretty … and your little dog too!”

When Margaret Hamilton was born in a small Ohio town in 1902, movie stardom didn’t seem to be in the cards. For one thing, Margaret was lacking in the looks department, and while smart and studious, Hollywood was a world away from her job as a schoolteacher in the Midwest.

But rather than give up on her dream to act, Margaret played to her strengths, literally. She was cast as a character actor, often portraying spinsters and other plain, lowly types. Before we feel too sorry for Margaret, it’s important to applaud her shrewd business sense. Margaret never undervalued her talent and refused to sign a contract with any specific studio, thus increasing her pay and ability to provide for her son.

Margaret’s true fame and fortune came when another, prettier actress turned down the role of the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz because she wouldn’t wear the ugly green makeup. Not a problem for Margaret! Green makeup and bone chilling cackle and all, she became one of the greatest villains in the history of movie making. So cheers to Margaret, her memory, and The Wizard of Oz on celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.

Trick or Treat USA readers … I wish TREATS for all! Happy Halloween!

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