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Tim Urban

Time flies at supersonic speed

By Ricardo Viana Vargas
Executive Director, Brightline Initiative 

As we near the end of 2018, you may recall this same time last year with a mixture of disbelief and panic. One more year is over; it's time to plan what's next.

We tend to think a lot, and as a result we have many great ideas. But transforming them into reality is a tough job. Did the ideas you put on your to-do list last year become reality this year?
Brightline has partnered with TED on this series of curated talk recommendations to help you think about what you'll bring to life in 2019. To kick-off this aspiration, I want to recommend one of my favorite TED Talks: "Inside the mind of the master procrastinator" presented by Tim Urban. In this powerful and fun talk, Tim goes through our everlasting battle with procrastination -- trying to balance instant gratification and the rising panic of trying to get through daily life with the need to reach our goals and deadlines. 
Procrastination is in the DNA of human beings, but to get things done, we need to understand that we're in the driver's seat of our own lives. Transforming your ideas into reality is what will make your life bright and fulfilled. I always tell people: "What feeds people is food. Not the grocery list."

My wish for you is that the ideas you include in your to-do list become reality in the coming year. Happy Holidays!

Watch "Inside the mind of a master procrastinator"
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