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Chetna Gala Sinha

Transforming courage into capital

By Ama Y Adi-Dako
TED TV team

One of my big dreams is to create financial tools and educational resources that help women realize their power and potential across Africa. Chetna Gala Sinha's TED Talk, which is focused on rural India, renews my faith in the power of economic freedom to help attain gender equality, safety and dignity for women. 

"[Women] continue to inspire me, teach me, guide me in my journey of my life," she says. "Incredible women [who] never had an opportunity to go to school ... no degrees, no travel, no exposure. Ordinary women who did extraordinary things with the greatest of their courage, wisdom and humility. These are my teachers."

I am revitalized by Chetna's story of opening a bank of her own -- the first ever for and by women in her country -- after she was denied a loan. It's a story of grit and perseverance, and it jostles me out of my self-doubt. What's possible when we stop assuming we know what's best for those who are less privileged? Everything.  

As Chetna says: "Courage is my capital. And if you want, it can be yours also."

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Making an impact 

Whenever you set a goal or a strategy, you need to follow your decisions through to action and impact. In today's ever-changing world, making an impact means that we need to commit to our goals, make strategic decisions and take action rapidly. We need to move quickly to correct course, reprioritize and remove roadblocks. Accept that you likely won't always have all the information you want, and rely on those you can trust to deliver sufficient reliable input to arrive at thoughtful decisions. Each one of us needs to be accountable for the goals we set, to take ownership of our decisions and to turn goals into long-lasting impact.

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