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The innovations we need to avoid a climate disaster

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The single most important thing for avoiding a climate disaster is cutting carbon pollution from the current 51 billion tons per year to zero, says philanthropist and technologist Bill Gates. Introducing the concept of the "green premium" -- the higher price of zero-emission products like electric cars, artificial meat or sustainable aviation fuel -- Gates identifies the breakthroughs and investments we need to reduce the cost of clean tech, decarbonize the economy and create a pathway to a clean and prosperous future for all. (This virtual conversation, hosted by TED Global curator Bruno Giussani, was recorded in March 2021.)

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How do you solve a problem like the climate crisis?

How do you solve a problem like the climate crisis?

We all know about the climate crisis. We all want to stay informed -- but the information can be overwhelming. Watch these talks to hear what's at stake and find out what's being done.
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