Cyanide antidote, Speaking Science, changing climate
January 2020  •  Read online

Getting a Fast-Acting Cyanide Antidote to First Responders


A collaboration between researchers in the Center for Drug Design and Windgap Medical aims to save victims of cyanide poisoning after mass-exposure incidents.

Speaking Science: Inspiring Interest in Academic Research


Earlier this month, UMN faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and graduate students came together to hone their science communication and storytelling skills.

Studying Lake Levels for Insights on a Changing Climate


Researchers from UMD's Large Lakes Observatory are reconstructing a history of water levels to gauge future climate conditions' effect on the water supply.

Minnesota Futures: Advancing Unique Research across Disciplines


The Minnesota Futures program provides two awards of up to $250,000 each to help interdisciplinary groups of researchers advance bold and creative new ideas.

UMN-Industry Collaboration Explores Filtration of Fluids


UMN researchers and Minnesota-based Donaldson Company are investigating the factors that affect how well filters separate one fluid from another.


Talking Caring for Your Dog with U of M

In US, Premature Death Rates Highest in Rural Counties with Majority Black or Indigenous Populations

3D Movies Reveal How Cuttlefish Determine Distance When Striking at Prey

Diners Want Better Access to Restaurant Inspection Information

Workforce Turnover Contributes to Health Care Physician Trend Towards Working in Larger Practices

U of M Chronic Wasting Disease Resource Center Names Fourteen International Experts to Executive Committee


The Power and Perils of Research Data: Generating, Storing, and Sharing Data Responsibly

Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.  |  Coffman Theater, Coffman Memorial Union

Join us for the fifth annual University of Minnesota Research Ethics Day Conference. National leaders, experts, and stakeholders will convene to consider major challenges in sharing data science and responsible stewardship of research data across fields. This conference features senior leaders from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Marquette University, and Geisinger Health System, who will focus on the legal, bioethical, and policy issues that arise in research related to data science, communication, and digital privacy.

The conference is held in conjunction with Research Ethics Week (March 2 - 6), the University's annual week-long series of college and department-led educational opportunities focused on professional development and best practices to promote, maintain, and model high standards of ethics and integrity in research. 


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