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The Power of "Hello!"

You asked for it, here it is: my very first e-newsletter.
I hear you shiver with anticipation. ;-)

Social Media is not Killing Relationships

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Northern Voice, which is an annual blogging and social media conference for folks here in Vancouver.

Now, you would think that the whole place would be filled with nerds on their new IPads (there were only actually a half-a-dozen IPads there), feverishly typing away.

But it wasn't like that at all.

Yes, there was tons of Tweeting and Blogging going on, and every room was filled with macbooks. But more than that, were people making connections.

I'd be introduced to someone, only to realize we were already connected because we knew each other through Twitter or Facebook. Or I read their blog. Or they read mine. This was an incredibly powerful experience, and I know I'm not the only one that had it.

Lots of people complain that we spend so much more time on computers, interacting with media, not with each other. But what became clear to me this weekend is that social media is not killing relationships, it may, in fact, be enhancing them. You see, no longer was I meeting someone for the first time who was a total stranger. We already had a connection through social media.

It's a powerful method of networking.

Have you made connections with people via social media that have turned into something more? I'd love to hear...

Until next time...

PS. for next month, I'm working on some tips about how to use Social Media offline. Radical? I know!

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