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Got dipnet?
Free prizes + 10 awesome airfares!

Everyone is out fishing. Not just with a rod and reel, either. Nope, pictured above is #1 son Drew with catch-of-the-hour. Remind me to tell him not to stand on the net. But hey, he caught it! 

The dipnet fishery is limited to Alaska residents—and it’s a popular pastime! If you want to wet a line and get a salmon or a halibut, get your TOURSAVER book. The book costs $99.95, but there are several 2-for-1 fishing adventures from Ninilchik Charters in the book. Just one coupon will more than pay for the book, including the King Salmon charter on the Kasilof River (value $250 per person). See—no math required! 

BTW, the fishing coupons are just SOME of the 115+ offers in the book. EVERYTHING is 2-for-1: flightseeing, glacier cruises, ziplines, aerial trams, adventures, activities, accommodations…the works. Check it out!

Here’s another no-math value: We’re giving away a handful of one-time Gogo Inflight internet cards (photo courtesy of my friend JOHNNY JET. SIGN UP FOR HIS AWESOME NEWSLETTER, btw!!!!!). My friends at Alaska Airlines are sending over a wad of what has become the drink ticket of the 21st century. 

Last week we offered a free Samsung Galaxy Gear watch for the lucky reader who could name two nonstop flights from Anchorage. And BEHOLD, Sally B. is our lucky winner (she picked Anchorage-Phoenix and Anchorage-Las Vegas).

This week, we’ll have TEN LUCKY WINNERS. Here is the question:

What are TWO airline mileage partners of Alaska Airlines (not including Delta--that's too easy)?  Folks—you MUST get it right to win the pass. So choose wisely.

Here’s how to win:

a. Answer the question correctly.
b. Send me an email with the correct answer:
c. Include your name, address and phone number in your email.

Hint: Alaska Air has a whole GANG of partners. Search hard—you’ll find ‘em

Speaking of Alaska Airlines, we had a flawless trip last weekend. Well, the airline part was flawless. But it wasn’t by accident. I waste an inordinant amount of time on travel’s moving parts. That said, we lost a laptop on the train (found it a few days later…when we meet in person ask me for the DETAILS on that….OMG!!!!!!!). Then we were late to the airport in Portland (made it on board, tho’…even got upgraded!!!!!). Click through for a trip report, along with some tips on how to get more miles on your next trip. 

KOAN PODCAST: AWESOME session in the studio last week with Kirk Hoessle of Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge. We talked about our great visit to Kenai Fjords National Park. But Kirk has a couple of other eco-lodges on the Kenai River. And then there’s a “Safari” program that Alaska Wildland Adventures offers. V-e-r-y cool for today’s modern eco-traveler. Tune in. Listen up!! 

NEVER let it be said that “Diver Bill” and the crew at Alaska Travel Source can’t find the best air fares for you. But they do take a more holistic approach to your adventure. Sally is out hiking around Alaska with a group she put together. Bill still has a few spots open on his Bonaire dive adventure. Ask Jeri about Disneyland—she loves it. 

Can we get a drumroll for our TOP 10 AIR FARES? Click through for some honest-to-goodness awesomeness. From Anchorage, Juneau or Fairbanks to…well…click through for the 4-1-1-!! Great deals to Seattle ($196rt), Boston ($384rt) and a bunch of places in between!!

Remember—Alaska Travel Source charges a fee for every ticket. That’s how they make their money. Put them to work for you. Tell ‘em I sent you!! (907)562-2213. 

We L-O-V-E the deal sheet from Gray Line/Princess/Westmark. But I have some favorites on the sheet. It’s the 2-for-1 rail tours. Folks—check this: 3 days/2 nights from Anchorage up to the Mt. McKinley Princess (near Talkeetna). The rates start at $179 per person. THIS IS AWESOME. It includes your train ride up from Anchorage to Talkeetna, then a coach ride up to the lodge. From there, you’re free to roam around for two nights. Go flightseeing. Take a jetboat ride or a Jeep adventure. Don’t miss this. 

Visit Anchorage: Hey—I love lists. And I hate ‘em, ‘cause I keep leaving them in my pocket and they get wadded up in the wash. No—really. But these days, I’m making them in my SLEEP (we’re moving…so I cannot shut the brain off). But Anchorage is my HOME—and I love showing it off to friends and relatives. So I made a TOP 10 CANNOT-BE-MISSED list of stuff to do. It includes walking, biking (optional) and beer-drinking. Not just ANY beer, mind you. Nope—I insist you try some honest CRAFT beer. Fear not: Moose’s Tooth also makes AWESOME root beer. You know—if you’re into that. HAHA. HERE’S MY LIST—I hope you like it. I worked HARD on it. 

Oh, goodness. We’re moving. Tomorrow morning (Saturday), we’re having a garage sale between 9am and 12 Noon. Here’s the ad off of Craigslist. The first two people who show up and mention the Alaska Travelgram….well, I’ll give you a free TOURSAVER book

*****PERSONAL NOTE******

I hope you will take a moment and remember those passengers and crew that died on the Malaysian Airlines flight (MH17) that crashed near the Ukraine-Russia border. This is a tragic act--doubly so because the airline still is in the midst of a broad search for the plane (MH370) that disappeared earlier this year. Their families, their friends and the community of aviation professionals throughout the world are in my prayers tonight. 

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