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Issue #144 - August 23, 2013


Brendan Eich: Toward A Language-Neutral Browser VM
Brendan Eich explains that the approach to compile to a subset of JavaScript (as taken by Emscripten and asm.js) gives the web a language-neutral virtual machine. YouTube

JS Bin’s 5th Birthday & News
In celebration of JS Bin’s 5th birthday, Remy Sharp announces a JS Bin competition (with prizes) and the news that he will work full time on the project (supported via Pro user accounts).

Bootstrap 3 Released: The Popular Front-End Framework Goes Mobile-First

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Build a Complete MVC Website With ExpressJS
ExpressJS is a framework based on Node.js. This article explains how to use it to write a server-side application that has a MVC structure. NetTuts+

Tracking ECMAScript 6 Support
Resources for using ECMAScript 6 today and for tracking how much of it is supported where (natively). Addy Osmani

Searching with Array.prototype.some
some() works similarly to the convenient forEach() method, but lets you stop iterating at any time. Ariya Hidayat

Ractive.js Expressions and the New Wave of Reactive Programming
Rich Harris explains how reactive programming can help you write more efficient JavaScript and how Ractive.js expressions work. Flippin' Awesome

Promises/A+: Understanding The Spec Through Implementation
Explains the Promises/A+ specification by writing an implementation from it. Rhys Brett-Bowen

Working with The jQuery data() Function
Dan Wahlin explains how jQuery’s data() function works, which allows you to attach data to DOM nodes. Dan Wahlin

JavaScript + Other Languages
Slides from a talk by Alon Zakai (creator of Emscripten, co-creator of asm.js) that give an overview of approaches to running and integrating multiple languages on the web.

Mocking API Requests in Node Tests
JavaScript Playground

Writing Web Audio API Code That Works in Every Browser
Browsers vary in their support for the Web Audio API but now there’s a way to normalize the interfaces to make it easier to write cross-browser code. Mozilla Hacks

Rendering A Filtered Backbone.Collection

JavaScript Best Practices (Part 1)
This guide, the first in a two-part series, was adapted from a slideshow by Christian Heilmann.

Hidden Classes vs. jsPerf
Vyacheslav Egorov (“Mr. Aleph”) explores when constructors can’t be optimized via hidden classes on V8.

JavaScript Callbacks Are Pretty Okay
Argues that asynchronous programming via callbacks doesn’t have to be ugly.

An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Node.js

Destructuring Assignment in ECMAScript 6

Testing An Ember Application: Integration and Unit Tests

Build A JavaScript Particle System in 200 Lines
Demonstrates how to use vanilla JavaScript and Canvas to build a flexible particle system with multiple emitters and fields that repel and attract thousands of particles. HTML5 Hub

Running Headless Selenium with Chrome
Explains how to use Selenium in a headless mode to run automated tests on Google Chrome. It concludes with use cases for this setup. Chris Le

Using JSFiddle to Prototype Firefox OS Apps
Mozilla Hacks


Nicholas Zakas: Enough with The JavaScript Already
Nicholas Zakas explains how to minimize the size and running time of JavaScript needed by your web application. Slides are also available. YouTube

Angus Croll's Three Tips to Write Better JavaScript

JavaScript Strategies at Microsoft with Scott Hanselman
JavaScript Jabber

Google Cloud Storage: Getting Started with the JavaScript Sample Application

Code, Libraries and Tools

Brick: UI Components for Modern Web Apps
UI components from Mozilla that comply with the Web Components standard and have been implemented via the x-tags library. Mozilla

SimpleSlideView: Our Plugin for the Simplest of Sliding Views
Cell-phone-style menus that adapt to look good on larger devices. A plugin for jQuery or Zepto.

FlowType.JS: Responsive Web Typography (font-size and line-height Based On Element Width)
I can see this working well for HTML-based slides.

Mr. Data Converter: Convert Excel Data Into Web-friendly Formats
Converts Excel data into one of several web-friendly formats, including HTML, JSON and XML. Especially handy for quickly entering JSON data.

app.js: TodoMVC in ECMAScript 6
This demo app, written by Addy Osmani and others, gives a good impression of what ECMAScript 6 code looks like. An ECMAScript 5 version of the code is available, too.

NProgress: Skinny Horizontal Page-Top Progress Bars in JavaScript

AngularJS Webcam Directive
An AngularJS directive that lets you display the webcam’s feed live on a page and take snapshots. Based on the WebRTC API, works on Firefox and Chrome, at the moment.

Medium.js: Library for Making 'contenteditable' Beautiful (like's Editor)


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