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JavaScript Weekly Issue 155
November 8, 2013
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Managing editor: Peter Cooper
Octane 2.0: Google's JavaScript Benchmark Suite The goal of Google’s Octane benchmark is to measure the performance of a JavaScript engine in a way that reflects real-world applications as much as possible. The new version 2.0 includes new tests that measure latency of compiler and garbage collector, asm.js-style performance and more.
Google Developers
Now Available: ESLint 0.1.0 Nicholas C. Zakas’ pluggable code quality checker has made significant progress since the project was announced, four months ago.
Nicholas C Zakas
From our Sponsor
Telerik’s Kendo UI, now with responsive UI for modern apps
Kendo UI’s release on Nov 20th is focused on Responsive Web Design. Join us for the keynote and be the first to see the Kendo UI features that will help you deliver responsive UI for modern apps. Awesome demos and prizes up for grabs! Register now.
An In-Depth Introduction To Ember.js Julien Knebel presents a through but easily accessible introduction for developers new to Ember.
Smashing Magazine
Perpetuating Terrible JavaScript Practices Christian Heilmann points out client-side coding anti-patterns that are still widely used: links that don’t point to resources; using IDs where classes are a better fit; inline event handlers; and more.
Christian Heilmann
Efficient float32 Arithmetic in JavaScript Benjamin Bouvier describes an upcoming optimization for JavaScript engines: In some cases, one needs less precision and can store floating point numbers in 32 bits (versus the normal 64 bits). That helps with memory consumption and performance. Especially C code compiled to JavaScript profits. Algorithms that use float32 numbers become up to 60% faster.
Benjamin Bouvier
Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide() { The Airbnb engineering team has written a comprehensive style guide for JavaScript containing best practices and resources.
Understanding Route/Template Nesting in Ember.js
Uģis Ozols
Respect The JavaScript Quote: “We need to stop treating JavaScript like we did 5 years ago, pay it some respect and treat it like the 1st class language it now is.” This involves testing, strict mode, minification, etc.
Rob Pocklington
Zeroes in JavaScript A page with tables recording the results of the following operators for various operands: ==, ===, +, *. Now is probably a good time to remind you that it’s normally best to avoid ==. And that + and * rarely make sense for objects, because they convert them to primitives.
How PayPal is Being Revolutionized by Node.js and Lean UX A look at how development at PayPal now runs behind the scenes on Node.js-based services.
Little-Known Directives of Angular.js
Adam Stankiewicz
Make Your Own AngularJS, Part 1: Scopes And Digest A bold claim from the author: “In this article series, I’m going to build an implementation of AngularJS from the ground up.”
Tero Parviainen
Building a Parallax Scrolling Game with Pixi.js Christopher Caleb on how to start creating a parallax scrolling endless runner game using HTML and JavaScript with Pixi.js.
Flippin' Awesome
An Interview with JavaScript Legend Kyle Simpson Lots of excellent insights into a variety of JavaScript, Node, and front-end topics here, including “There’s just never an excuse for using [anonymous function expressions]. Always name your function expressions. Period.”
Modules: The Right Way Module systems have several options for managing the dependencies of a module. This article explains them and their pros and cons. It also explains and evaluates the choices that the Node Package Manager (npm) made.
Creating A Rails-Style Flash Object With Ember.js
We Are Stac
JSHint: Recent New Features and Plans for Version 3 JSHint got several new features in October: ignoring blocks of code, checking comparisons with typeof results and more. Plans for version 3 include: Moving style checking to plugins, simplifying options, enabling plugins (by exposing the AST and more hooks), and redesigning the API.
Into Node? Don't forget Node Weekly
As we had too many items for JavaScript Weekly alone, we launched Node Weekly to focus on the latest Node.js articles and tools. Check out this week's issue to see more JavaScript stuff that isn't in this issue of JavaScript Weekly :-)
Code, Libraries and Tools
Grasp: Search and Replace for JavaScript Code Based On Structure A command line utility for searching and replacing in JavaScript code, but unlike grep or sed, it considers the structure behind the code (the abstract syntax tree) rather than the plain text.
George Zahariev
Amazon Web Services SDK for JavaScript in The Browser The AWS SDK for JavaScript enables you to directly access AWS services from JavaScript code running in the browser. No own server needed.
A Terminal in Chrome Devtools On OS X, simply install a Chrome extension and bam.. you have a system terminal accessible from Chrome’s DevTools. On other systems, there are a few more steps to get the same effect.
Dmitry Filimonov
Scrolld.js: Dynamic Page Scrolling Library Scrolld.js provides a method for highly precise scrolling for pixel-perfect layouts and navigation using real-time updated data values.
Charles Geiger
CylonJS: JavaScript Robotics Made Simple A simple, yet powerful way to create solutions that incorporate multiple, different hardware devices at the same time. Johnny Five is another one worth investigating for Arduino.
The Hybrid Group
StickUp: jQuery Plugin That 'Sticks' An Element to The Top of The Browser Window
Liran Cohen
requirejs-library: Skeleton Project for Building Libraries using Require.js
Sahat Yalkabov
PureScript: Small Strongly, Statically Typed Compile-to-JS Language
Phil Freeman
Pedalboard.js: JS Framework for Developing Audio Effects for Guitars
Armagan Amcalar
BackboneORM: A Polystore ORM for Node.js and the Browser BackboneORM was designed to provide a consistent, polystore ORM across Node.js and the browser.
Hammer.js: A JavaScript Library for Multi-Touch Gestures
Jorik Tangelder
Rar.js: Pure-JavaScript RAR Reader using AJAX, File API & Local Access
v86: x86 Virtualization in JavaScript, Running in the Browser and on Node The technology behind a popular demo a few weeks ago has now been open sourced.
Fabian Hemmer
Magnifier.js: JS Library for a Magnifying Glass Effect on Images
Mark Rolich
Even James Bond Needed Q [San Francisco, CA] We’re helping the world’s heroes share their expertise, but they need help. They need you. Developers also accepted.
The Conquer Project
Javascript Developer - Relocation to Amsterdam Included is looking for JavaScript devs with excellent eye for detail and an absolute commitment to making sure features are well implemented and bug free. We are looking for proactive people who offer ideas to improve the website and challenge priorities.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
Collaboration Tool for Pros Designed by professional web developers, BamBam! is everything you’ll ever need to run your projects. Integrable with Springloops SVN/Git Source & Deploy and free for teams up to 10 users, BamBam! gives you enough power to build a spaceship from blueprint to launch. Get started now.
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