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JavaScript Weekly Issue 149
September 27, 2013
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Editor-in-Chief: Peter Cooper
BrowserSwarm: Automated JavaScript Testing Across Browsers Connects to your GitHub repo and runs your JavaScript code across 13 different browser versions (latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera releases plus IE 6 through 10) in the cloud. Built by appendTo, Sauce Labs and the Microsoft Internet Explorer team.
8 Talks from Reject.JS 2013
A JavaScript conference that runs alongside JSConf EU. Topics range from 60 FPS retro gaming on mobile and ES5 to tidy callbacks and adaptive Web design.
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Breaking Development Conference
Native Speed on the Web with JavaScript & asm.js An illuminating slidedeck from Mozilla’s Alon Zakai, the main developer of Emscripten, that digs into the tricks and techniques behind getting native-like performance for transpiled native code on the Web.
Alon Zakai
JavaScript Modules, AMD, and The Road Ahead
Yahoo! Engineering Blog
Making A Collaborative Piano Using Functional Reactive Programming Explains Functional Reactive Programming (FRP) via an example. FRP is a declarative programming paradigm combining functional and reactive programming that works with signals, values that change over time and stay connected (similar to data binding). FRP works well for implementing graphical user interfaces.
How Complex are TodoMVC Implementations Uses several metrics to compare the complexity of TodoMVC as implemented by various frameworks (jQuery, AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js, etc). This can provide a way to see which frameworks encourage the use of simpler constructs.
CoderStats Blog
Filtering Arrays with Array#filter Josh Clanton explains how this built-in array method works.
A Drip of JavaScript
Write Your CSS with JavaScript David shows off how to use ‘absurd.js’, an intriguing library that allows you to write stylesheets dynamically using JavaScript.
David Walsh
Creating a Realistic Rain Effect with Canvas and JavaScript Marek Brodziak show the techniques used to build RainyDay.js, a library creating a realistic looking rain effect on HTML canvas.
Flippin' Awesome
Unicode and JavaScript Axel Rauschmayer first gives a brief but thorough overview of Unicode and then explains how to use it properly in JavaScript.
Axel Rauschmayer
JavaScript Y Combinator Michael Hurley uses JavaScript code to explain the Y combinator, a fixed-point combinator in lambda calculus.
Introducing Responsive Web Typography With FlowType.JS A jQuery plugin that adapts font sizes to the size of the device a web page is displayed in (similar to how responsive design already works for images).
Smashing Magazine
ServiceWorkers Explained The HTML5 Application Cache helps web apps to operate offline. Alas, this API has well-known limitations. Therefore, Alex Russell proposes the ServiceWorkers API, which works around those limitations by giving developers lower-level primitives.
Getting Started with Web Components and Polymer.js
Stefan Judis
Automating Complex Workflows with Grunt Custom Tasks Ben Farrell explains to create your own Grunt custom tasks that can be used to automate complex workflows, in his example he is extracting audio from video.
Flippin' Awesome
How to Create a Prototype Angular UI without a Back-end
Doug Turnbull
Playing with Chaos: Programming Fractals and Strange Attractors in JavaScript A Kindle book by Keith Peters.
A Knockout.js Screencast Series A 15 part series of bite size screencasts (between 5-13 minutes each) dedicated to showing off the Knockout.js MVVM library. 9 parts are already live to watch.
Backbone.js Routers Backbone.js routers are used to keep track of state in your app. Routers translate a path in the URL or in a hash of the URL into application state. In other words, routers map a path to a function. Andy Appleton shows off how to use them in this 8 minute screencast.
A 99 Second Screencast Tour of Web Components with Polymer
Addy Osmani
Code, Libraries and Tools
pace.js: Automatic Page Load Progress Bar Displays the progress of loading a webapp (including Ajax requests). The progress is detected automatically.
ngStart: Skeleton for New AngularJS Projects Uses Bower, RequireJS, JSLint, Grunt, Karma and more.
Marco Rinck
jQuery 1.11 and 2.1 Beta 1 Released
Official jQuery Blog
Get Started Building Your Own Custom Ember Components This template provides you with the basic project structure, build configuration and instructions to build your own custom component libraries for Ember.
Moonlight Labs
Drawingboard.js: Simple Canvas Based Drawing Widget An HTML5 Canvas-based drawing widget that you can integrate easily on your site.
JavaScript Is Jarig (Generated Music in Less Than 256 Bytes) The website also lists other projects that are similar in spirit. For example, a “signed distance field raymarcher using 2D Canvas” in 256 bytes, whose page demos it and explains how it works.
Custom Builds of Lo-Dash 2.0
Lo-Dash Team
steganography.js: Information Hiding Via JavaScript A library that hides a text message in the alpha channel of a given image.
Peter Eigenschink
Switch Between Different .npmrc Files with Ease
Conrad Pankoff
generator-polymer: Yeoman Generator for Scaffolding Polymer Apps
generator-mobile: Yeoman Generator for Mobile-First Web Apps
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