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JavaScript Weekly Issue 145
August 30, 2013
The Road to Ember.js 1.0: Final Release This Weekend?
It’ll be in next week’s JavaScript Weekly but if you’re an Ember fan, Ember 1.0 may be finally released tomorrow (Saturday, 31 August). In this post, one of Ember’s main developers, Tom Dale, shares all that’s needed to reach the big 1.0.
Tom Dale
Yeoman 1.0 Released: Modern Workflows for Modern Webapps
Highlights added over the past year: yo can be used as a stand-alone scaffolding tool; better generator system with rich prompts; performance improvements and an automation of install steps; yo helpful prompt system (run yo without specifying a generator to update your generators, search for and install new generators, find help). Addy Osmani also shares what the future holds for Yeoman in a 5 minute presentation.
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ECMAScript Internationalization API
The ECMAScript Internationalization API (ECMA-402) has been designed to work with ECMAScript 5.1 or later. It provides locale-specific services such as collation (string comparison), number formatting, and date and time formatting. This article gives an introduction.
David Storey
Protecting Objects in JavaScript
A refresher of how objects can be protected in JavaScript. There are three levels of protection: Preventing extensions is the weakest level, sealing is stronger, freezing is strongest.
Axel Rauschmayer
Determining if a String Contains a Substring
Explains how to use String.prototype.indexOf() and regular expressions for this task.
A Drip of JavaScript
Outlining: Work-Around for JITs and Big Functions
Just In Time compilers, such as JavaScript engines, take much longer to compile a long function than smaller ones that, combined, have the same size. This blog post explains outlining (the opposite of inlining), a technique that speeds up the compilation of long functions by breaking them up.
Client-Side Dependency Management: Choosing Between npm, Bower and component
Flippin' Awesome
Understanding Scope and Context in JavaScript
Ryan Morr explains the difference between scope (think local variables) and context (think this) in JavaScript and how they’re important for many common design patterns.
Flippin' Awesome
An Introduction to IIFEs (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)
Explains this common JavaScript pattern for simulating block scoping.
A Drip of JavaScript
ES6 Generators Deliver Go-Style Concurrency
David Nolen shows that one can use ECMAScript 6’s generators to bring Go-style concurrency (which is based on Communicating Sequential Processes) to JavaScript.
David Nolen
Debugging Modern Web Applications Part 1
Explains how to debug the client side of a Ruby on Rails web application via Chrome’s DevTools. This first part of a series of three articles covers debugging markup and CSS, using Chrome as an IDE and using the console.
Building Large Backbone Applications
Victor Savkin
Web Components Resources
Eric Bidel has compiled a page with resources on Web Components.
The Tiny Table Sorter or ‘You Can Write LINQ in JavaScript’
Demonstrates how to use basic DOM manipulation and array methods such as map() and sort() to sort an HTML table.
Remarkable React
Stoyan Stefanov gives a short introduction to Facebook’s user interface library, React.
Should JavaScript Devs Build ‘Real’ Things?
Comprehensive analysis of the recent trend of using JavaScript to program hardware.
Technology Treason
Converting An Existing Backbone.js Project to Require.js
Eventual Consistency
Debugging Mocha Tests Via Node’s Standard Debugger
Kickstart Your AngularJS Development with Yeoman, Grunt and Bower
The Loading Point: How Little Modules Can Make A Big Difference
Walter Rumsby talks about best practices and techniques for working with modules. Covers YUI, RequireJS, Ext JS, Browserify and more.
Walter Rumsby
An Intro to Data Visualisation Using D3.js
WDCNZ 2013
Visualising JavaScript Processing Over Time With Chrome DevTools Flame Charts
Addy Osmani
Code, Libraries and Tools
jsPDF: Client-Side Solution for Generating PDFs
Use to generate documents on the fly (tickets, reports, etc.). Works in IE6+, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari 3+, and Opera.
D3.js 3.3 Released
The 'Theseus' JavaScript Debugger for Chrome and Node.js
Theseus is a JavaScript debugger for the Brackets code editor that can debug JavaScript running in Chrome and NodeJS. One interesting feature is that it aggregates debug information and makes it available inside the editor.
Brackets Blog
Sifter.js: Autocomplete Search Library
A CommonJS library for textually searching arrays and hashes of objects by property (or multiple properties). Sifter is designed for autocomplete and comes with a command line interface for testing on datasets.
Brian Reavis
Hopscotch: Framework for Product Tours of Web Pages
Hopscotch accepts a 'tour' JSON object as input and provides an API for the developer to control rendering the tour display and managing the tour progress. Features: react to tour events in your code (onNext etc.), multi-page tours, internationalization support, etc.
RequireBin: Share Browser Code Using Node.js Modules
A web app for editing and sharing client-side code that uses Node.js modules. The code is converted via browserify and stored in Gists. Passive URL Shortening for MDN
A web service whose URLs google for a page on the Mozilla Development network and jump to the first result. That enables short URLs such as
url-to-screenshot: Capture Screenshots of Web Pages Using PhantomJS
XHook: Intercept and Modify XHR Request and Response
Patches into XMLHttpRequest to allow you to manipulate Ajax requests.
Jaime Pillora
JsDebuggr: Add and Remove JavaScript Breakpoints from Sublime Text
Backbone.Modal: Plugin That Simplifies Creating Modals for Your App
wu.js: Library for Lazy, Functional Programming in JavaScript
This library lets you create sequences of elements that are computed lazily (“just in time”), by applying operations such as map and filter to iterators.
Antycs: Organize and Simplify Your Analytics Event Trapping Related Code
Hammer.js: Library for Multi-Touch Gestures
Supports Tap, DoubleTap, Swipe, Drag, Pinch, and Rotate gestures. Each gesture triggers an event.
Minivents: A Tiny JavaScript Events Library
Flipload: Flipping HTML Elements to Show a Loading Indicator on the Back
Guille Paz
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