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JavaScript Weekly Issue 159
December 6, 2013
Editor-this-time: Peter Cooper Editor-on-vacation: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Happy 18th Birthday JavaScript 18 years ago this week JavaScript was announced in a joint press release by Netscape and Sun. This article looks at how JavaScript has matured, how its performance has improved, and the growth of its ecosystem. Here’s to 18 more.
Ember 1.2.0 and 1.3 Beta Released
Tom Dale
Thinking About ECMAScript 5 Parts Cody looks at a variety of interesting things that ECMAScript 5 brought to the table that are worth keeping in mind if you no longer require compatibility with IE 8 or older.
Cody Lindley
From our Sponsor
The HTML5 vs. Native Debate is Over & the Winner is…
A new survey report from Telerik’s Kendo UI finds there are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions for mobile application development. What does this mean for the industry at large? Read the full report.
Kendo UI Team
Join the Compiler Creation Club A simple and accessible introduction to some of the concepts involved in creating a compiler that leans on JavaScript, PEG.js, and Hyperglot to provide a practical example.
Tristan McNab
Fun with Esprima and Static Analysis Writing programs to do static analysis on JavaScript is easy with Esprima. In this post, Toby shows how to use Esprima to detect accidentally leaked global variables in a program.
Toby Ho
A Chapter on JS Robots from 'Expert JavaScript' No business shenanigans behind this, the author was allowed to share a free chapter from his book and we thought you might enjoy it first :-) Chapter 6 of Expert JavaScript covers the rise of JavaScript powered robots and it’s available to download in PDF form here with no signup tomfoolery.
Mark Daggett
A Deep Dive into Asynchronous Templating A lengthy look at how James’ templating library Nunjucks deals with and implements asynchronous templating.
James Long
Building a 2D Browser Game with PhysicsJS Jasper Palfree walks through building a 2D Asteroids-like browser game using JavaScript and the PhysicsJS library.
Flippin' Awesome
Building A JavaScript Template Engine in Just 20 Lines Not quite an exercise in best practices but an interesting walkthrough nonetheless.
Eliminating Code Smell with Grunt Gavin Lazar Suntop shows how to establish JavaScript coding standards within your team and then automatically verify them using Grunt.
Flippin' Awesome
Building a Music Player in Angular.js
David Konsumer
Learning jQuery with Street Fighter and Hadoukens
Carl Sednaoui
Neosavvy's Angular & Jasmine Screencast Series 16 short (2-4 minutes each) screencasts that walk through elements of testing Angular apps with Jasmine.
Writing JavaScript Applications with the AWS SDK Loren Segal provides a live demonstration of using Amazon’s Web Services services with the official SDK to build a real-world JavaScript application.
ng-embereño: AnglularJS From An Ember.js Perspective An interesting talk recorded at Ember.js NYC’s November meetup. It’s quite long but the slides are here and also good.
Weebly is hiring Javascript Hackers and Ping Pong Masters! Weebly seeks front-end experts who can help build features that will be utilized by tens of millions of users! Work in a creative environment where you'll be able to work on a variety of projects & platforms with awesome peers. Email directly.
JavaScript Developer at Emma - Nashville, TN As a JavaScript developer at Emma, your primary role will be architecting and implementing new features and bug fixes for large, interactive, single page JavaScript applications. Experience with jQuery, jQueryUI and Backbone is a must. Visit us at
Code, Libraries and Tools
Announcing Scala.js v0.1 Scala.js is a compiler from Scala to JavaScript. It allows you to write your entire web application in Scala and simply compile to JavaScript.
Sébastien Doeraene
Numeral.js: A JavaScript Library for Formatting and Manipulating Numbers Numbers can be formatted to look like currency, percentages, times, or even plain old numbers with decimal places, thousands, and abbreviations. First mentioned in JSW a year ago.
Adam Draper
State.js: A JavaScript State Machine Supporting Most UML 2 Features
Backbone-Eye: Firebug Extension for Debugging Backbone Applications
Firefox Add-ons
Zoomerang.js: Zoom in On (Almost) Anything On Your Page Specify elements you’d like to have click-to-zoom functionality. Uses CSS3 transforms.
Evan You
GenieJS: 'Alfred'-style Text Actions Library
Kent C. Dodds
Last but not least..
Easy release management Deploy your .NET apps, services and SQL Server databases in a single, repeatable process with Red Gate’s Deployment Manager. There’s a free Starter edition, so get started now!
Red Gate Software (Sponsored Item)
FutureJS - A New Conference on May 1-3 2014 in Barcelona, Spain From the creators of the Barcelona Ruby Conference comes a new JavaScript event that looks to the future.
JS Unconf 2014 - April 26-27th 2014 (Hamburg, Germany)
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