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Issue #142 - August 9, 2013


jQuery Boilerplate: Jump-Starting jQuery Plugin Development
First mentioned exactly two years ago in issue 39, the jQuery Boilerplate site has been redesigned, its boilerplate code has continued to be updated, and there are many useful new resources to enjoy.

A MongoDB Online Course for Node.js Developers
10gen, the developers of MongoDB, are running a no-cost online course that starts on August 12. You can register now. 10gen

7 JavaScript Basics Many Developers Aren’t Using (Properly)
String.prototype.replace and the flags /g and /i; Array.prototype.slice for copying array-like objects; etc.

Latest ECMAScript 6 Specification Draft Available As HTML

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What is the difference between Polymer elements and AngularJS directives?
A question on Stack Overflow, with a detailed answer by Polymer team member Eric Bidelman. Stack Overflow

Why Do Angular.js (and Ember.js) Rock?
Jesus Rodriguez’ “Why does Angular.js rock?” gives a tour of the framework. Kerrick Long wrote a response that does the same for Ember.js. Angular Tips

5 Myths About Mobile Web Performance
In-depth article analyzing web app performance problems: JavaScript is usually not the performance bottleneck, mobile web browsers still have plenty of room for optimization, garbage collection does not have to be a problem, etc. Sencha

Interview: Yehuda Katz
Quote: “Besides being a core team member of two of the most influential web frameworks of the past decade [jQuery and Ember.js], Yehuda Katz has another reason to brag: he was GitHub’s fourth ever user.” Web and PHP Magazine

Preview of Programming Windows Store Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Second Edition)
Direct PDF download (first preview is PDF-only, final release will be available in other formats).

What's Your Timezone?
A tip for storing and displaying dates: store them in GMT and use the per-device timezone settings to display them via JavaScript. Trevor Orsztynowicz

Backbone.js Tips And Patterns
Smashing Magazine

JavaScript Promises
Introduces the Promise design pattern (for asynchronous programming) via its implementations in jQuery and AngularJS. Shawn Wildermuth

Ember.js Routing: The When and Why of Nesting

Some AngularJS Pitfalls
Flickering UI, jQuery vs. jqLite, minification, etc. Branch and Bound

Animating with AngularJS
Holly Schinsky shows how to use AngularJS built-in support for CSS3 transitions and animations with a sample app. Flippin' Awesome

The Amazon App Store Accepts Web Apps
In-app purchases can be implemented via Amazon’s JavaScript API. Read more on CNET News and ZDNet. Amazon SDK Documentation

A Meta Style Guide for JavaScript
Axel Rauschmayer

Searchable Ember.js Documentation

In Defense of JavaScript Cryptography

Determining JavaScript Test Coverage with JSCover

JSHint: Better Integration with npm
You can now put your JSHint options into your package.json file. JSHint Blog

Building Apps with Ember.js (a Postmortem)
Introduction and best practices.

Web Worker Patterns

Kinetic Scrolling (in vanilla JavaScript): Part 1
Ariya Hidayat

Client-Side Dependency Management With Bower (An Introduction)
Tyson Cadenhead

Promises: Introduction and Resources


Addy Osmani's 9 Minute Walkthrough of Using Grunt and Bower with Polymer

Code and Libraries

scaleApp: Tiny Framework for Single Page Apps
Has a decoupled, event-driven architecture that is inspired by Nicholas Zakas’ talk, “Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture”. Plugins (for DOM manipulation, MVC, internationalization, etc.) extend the small core.

Cal-HeatMap: Calendar Heatmap Widget for Time Series Data
Depends on the D3.js data visualization library.

TodoMVC 1.2
A new release of Addy Osmani’s TodoMVC project, now under the umbrella of TasteJS. Highlights: Bower integration; examples for additional frameworks (Polymer, Enyo, vanilla JavaScript, etc.), an “info bar” with resources for learning a framework.

11 JavaScript Toolkits for Creating Charts and Graphs
Inspire Trends

Conditioner.js: Library for Loading and Unloading Behavior Based On Environment Conditions
Based on RequireJS and AMD modules.

Winston: Multi-Transport Async Logging Library for Node.js

JointJS: JavaScript Diagramming Library
JointJS can be used to create either static diagrams or fully interactive diagramming tools and application builders. It is based on jQuery, Underscore, Backbone and SVG.

Chartbuilder and Gneisschart: Easily Create Simple Beautiful Charts
A D3.js-based front-end charting application. Chartbuilder is the user and export interface. Gneisschart is the charting framework. Chartbuilder is not a replacement for Google Spreadsheet or a data analysis tool. Instead, it is the final step in charting: paste data, export an SVG or PNG file in a predefined style.

Init.js: A Guide to The Why and How of Full-Stack JavaScript
A template for new projects, based on Backbone, Marionette, Node.js, Express, MongoDB and several tools (Grunt, Mocha, etc.). Toptal

Arachnid: Enable Client-side Apps to Be Indexed by Search Engines
Arachnid is a PhantomJS-based server app that converts dynamically assembled web pages to static HTML. Your app only needs to redirect search bots to it.

dblite: SQLite for Node.js Without gyp Problems
Allows you to use SQLite from Node.js without having to install it via node-gyp.


Senior or Junior Engineer at View The Space (New York, NY)
View The Space is fast growing startup building a leasing platform for commercial real-estate brokers and we need your help. Ideal candidates have experience with JavaScript, Rails, iOS, TDD or all of the above.

Senior JavaScript/HTLM5 developer wanted for Appsmakerstore
With over 150k users worldwide using our platform to create mobile apps, we're looking for one more qualified senior JavaScript/HTML5 developer, supporting our backend Ruby guys. For more information, please contact

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Last but not least..

DreamFactory - Open Source REST & JSON Services for JavaScript Developers
The DreamFactory platform runs on any cloud. We provide REST APIs and services for SQL data, NoSQL data, BLOB storage, auth, user management, and external API access. Sign up at our website and see examples for AngularJS, jQuery, and Sencha Touch.

Nodechecker: Testing Node Modules 24/7
A web service that iterates over all npm packages and runs their tests. Includes a pie chart of how many have succeeded and failed, so far.

Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer | Publisher in Chief: Peter Cooper

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