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Issue #129 - May 10, 2013


20% Off for O'Reilly Fluent 2013, May 28-30 in San Francisco
In a couple of weeks, both us (Axel and Peter) will be at Fluent, O'Reilly' JavaScript, HTML5 and browser technology conference. There are 8 great workshops from luminaries like Ilya Grigorik and two days of keynotes and talks (64 in all) from folks like Lea Verou, Brendan Eich, Irene Ros, and Paul Irish. The code JSWEEKLY will give a 20% discount if you want to join us.

JS1K Spring 2013 Winners Announced
The latest JS1K 'write an impressive demo in 1KB of JavaScript' contest is over. The overall winner was Philippe Deschaseaux with a minecart ride simulation. There are plenty more to enjoy too.

jQuery Conference Portland 2013 (June 13-14)
The jQuery Conference's first time in Portland, Oregon. With a diverse range of speakers, two tracks of training and more, it promises to be a fun event with a jQuery focus.

Use ECMAScript 6 Today
Sayanee Basu goes through a list of features of ECMAScript 6 (the upcoming version of JavaScript) and shows how to use them today, via various means.

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New Relic is hard at work on their Node.js Agent
Are you a proud member of the Node.js community? Do you wish you had a way to monitor and improve the performance of your app? Well, you're in luck. We have extremely talented monkeys in the back room tinkering away at building the only Node.js APM solution. It's almost ready so make sure you let us know who you are so you can be first in line.


5 Things You Should Stop Doing With jQuery
Burke Holland shares a list of potentially bad habits many developers have when using jQuery and how to avoid them.

RequireJS Fundamentals
An introduction to RequireJS. Special consideration is given to Kendo UI and ASP.NET, but the article is of general interest for client-side developers.

Hard Thresholds on JavaScript Code Coverage
Ariya Hidayat shows you how to check the code coverage of your tests before each Git commit.

Today I Saw The Future: Video Codecs Built on Web Technologies
Brendan Eich looks at the promise behind a new downloadable HD video codec built on JavaScript and WebGL. He speculates a high quality video stream backed by such a codec could enable many new cloud based applications. In related codecs-in-JS news, an MPEG1 video decoder written in JavaScript.

Generators in the V8 JavaScript Engine
Andy Wingo mentions that generators have landed in V8. This language feature will be part of ECMAScript 6. He explains how it works and how it helps with asynchronous programming.

NoBackend: Front-End First Web Development
noBackend is a new approach for developing web applications: One focuses on the frontend and ignores the server as much as possible. In this interview, Gregor Martynus explains the details of the approach.

Debugging and Profiling Node.js Apps
A gist with tips and tools from Benjamin Arthur Lupton.

Server-side HTML vs. JS Widgets vs. Single-Page Web Apps
Pamela Fox gives an overview of three web app architectures.

Get Functional with Underscore-Contrib
Using some functional JavaScript goodness based on the popular 'underscore' library.

Tight-Knit JavaScript Animations: Exploring the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP)

Continuous Monitoring of JavaScript Code Complexity


An Introduction to Angular JS in Under an Hour
A 50 minute video walkthough/tutorial from David Mosher.

Grunt JavaScript Automation for the Lazy Developer
An introduction to the Grunt build tool, by Google's Dirk Ginader.

Testable JavaScript – Architecting Your Application for Testability
Keynote by Google’s Mark Trostler at the Google Test Automation Conference, April 24, 2013.

Automating Your Front-End Workflow With Yeoman 1.0


Video.js 4.0
The open source HTML5 video player. 4.0 brings responsive design and Retina display support. It's also moved to a 100% JS dev toolset including Grunt and, of course, more.

JSHint 2.0.0
The error/problem detection tool for JS code gets an upgrade.

Amazon Web Services SDK for Node.js
Now 'Generally Available' - npm install aws-sdk

Code, Libraries and Tools

Two.js: Renderer-Agnostic 2D Drawing API for Modern Browsers
A new, two-dimensional drawing API geared towards modern web browsers. It's renderer agnostic meaning the same API can be used against multiple contexts including SVG, Canvas, and WebGL.

Magnific Popup: Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin
Focuses on performance and on running well on a variety of devices.

Vortex Project: Live (JavaScript) Coding in the Eclipse IDE
An Eclipse editor plugin that holds a WebSocket connection to your browser and evalutates changed code upon key press. This shortens the feedback loop and can speed up some JavaScript tasks.

Breakouts: 'Breakout' Implemented in Several JS/HTML5 Game Engines
A sort of gaming-oriented 'rosetta stone' equivalent of the popular TodoMVC project.

Simplify.js: 2D/3D Polyline Simplification Library
Polyline simplification reduces the number of points in a polyline while retaining its shape, which speeds up processing and reduces visual noise.

Minilog: Lightweight Client and Server-Side Logging
On Node.js, you can log to stdout, a file or Redis. On browsers, you can log to the console, LocalStorage or a jQuery Ajax request.

Ember Timetree: Visualize Hierarchical Timeline Data with Ember and D3.js


User Interface Developer at Red Badger (London, UK)
We’re looking for experienced user interface developers with exceptional JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to join our lean, fast growing, tech-loving, passionate & dynamic team. The projects we are working on are all innovative with amazing frontend design and UX.

Front End Developer at in Amsterdam
Are you interested in building the best accommodation website used by millions of customers? Do you have solid experience developing with HTML/CSS/JS? is looking for an experienced Front End Developer. Learn more about us in this video.

Software Developers (JavaScript or Java) – R&D Positions in Vienna, Austria
Participate in award-winning projects as part of a young and interdisciplinary team. Part-/full-time and PhD candidate positions for outstanding Java(Script) developers with a focus on visual analytics, information exploration, and human computer interaction.

Last but not least..

Kickstarter Project: “You Don't Know JS” (Book Series)
Kyle Simpson asks for your support for his upcoming book series on JavaScript. The series will consist of several mid-length (50–75 pages) books, primarily distributed as e-books and published by O’Reilly.

Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer | Publisher in Chief: Peter Cooper

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