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JavaScript Weekly Issue 157
November 22, 2013
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Managing editor: Peter Cooper
22 Talk Videos from CascadiaJS Conference 2013 Now Online There is also a YouTube playlist. Topics include “Surprising stories of real world mobile performance”, “JS Bringing Crypto to the Masses”, and “ECMAScript Regrets”.
Cascadia JS
jQuery 1.11.0 and 2.1.0 Beta 2 Released New features of these versions: AMD modules used internally, published on npm, and reduced startup time, thanks to “lazy feature detects”. There are also many bug fixes, but no breaking changes. The latter makes the new versions easy upgrades from version 1.9 and later.
Official jQuery Blog
What’s New in Node.js v0.12: Cluster Round-Robin Load Balancing Node core committers Ben Noordhuis and Bert Belder have started a series looking at the new features slated for inclusion in v0.12 of Node. In this first post, Ben looks at the new round-robin clustering algorithm. (And if Node is your sort of thing, check out the latest issue of Node Weekly for a lot more.)
MountainWest JSConf 2014: Call for Proposals (Mar 17-18, Salt Lake City)
From our Sponsor
Frontend Masters: New AngularJS Course by "AngularJS in Action" Author Lukas Ruebbelke
Dive into AngularJS, a framework that makes it easy to organize code using concepts like two-way binding, dependency injection and views which results in very testable code. See how easy it is to build simple jQuery directives with AngularJS in this sample lesson.
Frontend Masters
An Intro to the React Framework An introduction to Facebook’s MVC framework. Two interesting features: JavaScript with embedded HTML fragments is compiled to JavaScript and the DOM is managed in an intermediate format (which speeds up processing).
An Introduction To Full-Stack JavaScript
Smashing Magazine
Duetto: A New C++-to-JavaScript Compiler In contrast to its competitor Emscripten, Duetto compiles C++ objects to JavaScript objects. To get the complete picture (e.g. asm.js is mischaracterized), read the comments and a blogged response by Alon Zakai.
Web Components: Why You’re Already An Expert Yes, another introduction to Web Components. However, this one looks at them from a new angle: it first examines the hoops we have to jump through to get similar results without web components.
Mark Dalgleish
Apple’s iOS7 Native JavaScript Bridge Apple’s JavaScript bridge enables you to call native APIs from JavaScript and evaluate JavaScript from Objective C (that is, the bridge is bi-directional). This article provides historical context and a short introduction.
JavaScript Debugging with `console.table()` This method is part of the console API and lets you log output as a table (which is especially useful for arrays of objects).
Marius Schulz
Taming Asynchronous JavaScript Programming with ECMAScript 6 Vittorio Zaccaria created a new library called Chained that allows chaining of any asynchronous method, with or without promises and relies on ES6.
Flippin' Awesome
Using ECMAScript 6 Generators to Encode Option Types
Jonathan Brachthaeuser
ECMAScript 6 Modules in Future Browsers To integrate ECMAScript 6 modules in future browsers, a <module> tag will become “the new <script> tag”. The blog post also describes how bundling will be handled.
Axel Rauschmayer
Easy JavaScript Documentation with YUIDocs and Grunt
Five Advanced JavaScript and Web Debugging Techniques You Should Know About They are: weinre (Web Inspector Remote), DOM breakpoints, the debugger statement, hooking into native methods, and mapping remote scripts locally.
Task Automation with `npm run` James Halliday (“substack”) uses npm run as an alternative to Grunt.js and explains how.
James Halliday
Complex Single Page Application Architecture with Backbone
The (JavaScript) Question I Bombed In An Interview With A Y Combinator Startup Nice little jQuery puzzle.
Nathan LeClaire
A Step-by-Step Guide to Your First AngularJS App
My JS1K Demo – The Making Of The goal of the JS1K demo contest is to do something neat in 1 kilobyte of JavaScript code. This entry displays an animation in Canvas that is reminiscent of music visualizations.
React: Rethinking Best Practices 30 minute introduction of Facebook’s MVC framework, by Pete Hunt at JSConf EU 2013.
Code, Libraries and Tools
EasyStar.js: Asynchronous A* Pathfinding Library Ideal for use in HTML5 games and interactive projects. The demo on the homepage is cute.
Bryce Neal
Introducing node.js Tools for Visual Studio
Scott Hanselman
tablecloth.js: Making HTML Tables Suck Less A jQuery plugin that is based on Twitter Bootstrap and includes popular jQuery table manipulation plugins such as tablesorter.
Brian Sewell
Grunt 0.4.2 Released
EndDash: Two-Way Binding JavaScript Templating Framework Built On Top of Semantic HTML Relies on Backbone-style events to update the DOM when a bound object changes.
DynoSRC: Differential Updates for Client-side JavaScript Code This library minimizes HTTP requests: It embeds JavaScript code in HTML files, then stores it in localStorage and keeps it current via differential updates.
Noduino – Control Arduino with Node.js, WebSockets and HTML5 A web application talks to a Node.js-based server which controls an Arduino over a serial connection.
jQuery Spinner: A Number Spinner Supports keyboard operations and continuous changing.
Validate.js: Declaratively Validating JavaScript Objects Available via npm, Bower and a vanilla JavaScript file.
Node.js Stream Playground John Resig has created a web application that allows you to play with Node.js streams, lego-style.
AnsiLove.js: Textmode Art For Your Browser Renders ANSI art in web browsers, including animations.
Moments-Away: Moment.js Durations Made Easier, ActiveSupport-style Builds on Moment.js, lets you specify durations in a different style. To do so, it augments built-in prototypes (which is controversial – you have to know if it is worth it for you).
Christophe Porteneuve
docker-urlarchiver: Package A Node.js App (including Node itself) for Docker An example of using Docker to package a Node.js script with all its dependencies, including Node.
Adam Alexander
polyfill-webcomponents: Browserify-Compatible Web Component Polyfills
Tim Oxley
ArangoDB Foxx: Lean Application Server for Single Page Applications Built on top of the open source NoSQL database ArangoDB. The rough idea is to minimize the middleware between an app and its database.
neatShow.js: jQuery Plugin That Fades in Images After They Have Loaded
Full-Stack Engineer at Zaption (San Francisco, CA) Zaption is an education-technology company that makes video interactive for learning. Solve real problems with Node, Knockout, and MongoDB. We're very small, venture-funded, and have serious revenue. Talk to us.
Frontend Developer @ comScore (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) comScore is looking for a Javascript expert who wants to solve interesting UI related problems. You’ll be working closely with us, developing and improving our flagship application, Digital Analytix. Apply today to join our international team in Amsterdam.
Web Engineer at Maker Studios (Los Angeles) Maker Studios has gathered over 60,000 of the most influential YouTube channels into a new network model that's disrupting the television industry. Our tech group develops the talent-facing webapps that make this possible at scale. If using technologies like Docker, NodeJS, CircleCI, Redis, Memcache, and MongoDB sounds exciting, we want you on our team.
Maker Studios
Last but not least..
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Tetris in 36 Lines of JavaScript
Tiny Excel-Like App in Vanilla JavaScript
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