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JavaScript Weekly Issue 154
November 1, 2013
Editor: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer Managing editor: Peter Cooper
The Online JavaScript Summit 2013 - November 19-21, 2013 Taking place in a few weeks is the 5th annual live online JavaScript and jQuery conference with speakers including Jen Kramer, Brandon Satrom, Elijah Manor, and Estelle Weyl. They made us the code JSWEEKLY so you can take 20% off too :-)
Environments for Humans
Retire.js: Identify JS Libraries with Known Vulnerabilities in Your App
Erlend Oftedal
Get Up And Running With Grunt Grunt is an increasingly popular modular task runner for JavaScript which is heavily used by both front-end and back-end Web developers. This article provides a solid foundation for using Grunt to flesh out a simple front-end Web project.
Smashing Magazine
A Developer Preview of an AWS SDK for JavaScript in the Browser
Amazon Web Services Blog
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Everything you need to build HTML5 sites and mobile apps
Enjoy seamless coding with its complete integrated package that includes a jQuery-based toolset of rich UI widgets, a powerful data source, dynamic data visualizations, and exceptionally fast micro-templates. Try Kendo UI free for 30-days.
Kendo UI
Introduction to Sails.js Sails is a JavaScript framework designed to resemble the MVC architecture from frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. It makes the process of building Node.js apps easier, especially APIs, single-page apps and real-time features, like chat.
A Gentle Introduction to Monads in JavaScript A real-world explanation of monads in JavaScript by Sean Voisen including what they are and why they are useful.
Flippin' Awesome
Rapid Chrome App Development with AngularJS Chrome Apps are web applications that have access to more APIs and can be installed locally. This article shows how to develop one, a weather app, via AngularJS.
Contrasting Backbone and Angular
Victor Savkin
Audio Synthesis in JavaScript A detailed walkthrough on how to use the Web Audio API and JavaScript to create sounds and music by Keith Peters.
Flippin' Awesome
The JavaScript Event Loop: Explained The event loop controls how and when JavaScript code is executed, both in browsers and in Node.js. This article by Erin Swenson-Healey examines how it works.
Getting Started With Socket.IO An introduction to the library for real-time communication between browsers and servers.
Cryptography in The Browser This post describes why browser-side cryptography has been a difficult problem, and how recent technological advances provide a solution.
Nicolas LaCasse
Working with jQuery DataTables DataTables is a jQuery plugin for creating interactive tables. This article goes through the basics and explains how to use some of the advanced features.
Refactoring to AngularJS Directive in 9 Steps The article shows how to refactor part of an AngularJS view and controller to a reusable directive, while explaining internals of directives.
Suhair Hassan
A Tale of Frankenstein and Binding to Service Values in Angular.js Explains things that can go wrong when it comes to updating values in controllers.
Steffen Schildnecht
Taking Photos with A Phonegap App and Uploading Them to A Server
Gonzalo Ayuzo
String Iteration Is Fixed in Firefox Nightly The first experiments with Unicode-aware iteration over strings have begun (slated for ECMAScript 6).
The History of “typeof null” typeof null returning the wrong result is a bug that JavaScript has had since its birth. But why did the language have it in the first place?
Axel Rauschmayer
Frequently Misunderstood JavaScript Concepts
Michael Bolin
Why Was JavaScript Standardized by ECMA Rather Than The W3C?
The HTML5 Mobile Challenge: Hybrid or Native?
Kendo UI Team
Optimizing AngularJS: 1200ms to 35ms
For The Next Generation: JavaScript Education for A Better JavaScript Techniques and strategies for teaching JavaScript at the beginner level. 20 minute talk by Pam Selle at JSConf EU.
Everything You Never Wanted to Know About JavaScript Numbers 27 minute talk by Bartek Szopka at JSConf EU, covering how they are encoded, rounding errors, etc.
Code, Libraries and Tools
ExpressWorks: Automated Express.js/Node.js Workshop A Node.js-based command line tool that walks you through a series of exercises, in order to improve your Express.js skills.
Azat Mardanov
Ember Charts: Attractive, Easily Extensible Charts with D3 and Ember Includes time series, bar, pie, and scatter charts which are easy to extend and modify.
JsCode: Generate and Share JavaScript Coding Guidelines Create a shareable set of coding style guidelines by filling out a check list.
An Ember.js Gauge Component
Julien Knebel
Fine Uploader: File Uploading Widget No library dependencies, works with various servers.
Duration.js: Parsing and Creating Durations Works with strings such as '4h3m2s'. A port of Go’s time.ParseDuration.
node-jvm: A Java Virtual Machine Implemented in Node.js A JVM (Java 5) implemented on top of vanilla Node.js.
Yaroslav Gaponov
id3.js: Parser for ID3 Tags (in MP3 Files)
Glide.js: A Simple, Lightweight & Fast jQuery Slider
Marco Monteiro
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Last but not least..
Automate your release process Get fast, repeatable deployments at your fingertips with Red Gate Deployment Manager. Ship your .NET apps, services, and databases in a single process, see the status of your environments and manage all your deployments from the central dashboard. Get started now.
Red Gate Software (Sponsored Item)
CodeCombat: Learn to Code JavaScript by Playing a Game Nicely done game where you have to control a player with JavaScript “spells” such as this.moveUp() in order to solve tasks.
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