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JavaScript Weekly Issue 146
September 6, 2013
Ember 1.0 Released
A huge week for the popular JavaScript webapp framework as 2.5 years after the first commit, Ember 1.0 is out with a promise of no more breaking changes until 2.0. Congratulations to the whole team.
Ember JS Blog
Node Weekly Issue 2: Generators, Async Patterns, Home Automation and More We launched our latest newsletter, Node Weekly a week ago. Check out the sort of things we cover there and if you like it, you can click here to instantly subscribe.
Node Weekly
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Frontend Masters: Upcoming LIVE Online/In-Person Workshop on Data Visualizations with D3.js by Ian Johnson
In this workshop we’ll tour D3’s API and get you comfortable with some of the more subtle aspects of it’s design. You will be exposed to a variety of patterns that can be utilized anywhere you have data that needs to be expressed.

Join us Friday, September 20th LIVE online.
AngularJS Tutorial: Learn to Build Modern Web Apps An extensive tutorial/guide to building a complete app with AngularJS, Node, Express and MongoDB.
Progressive Enhancement: Zed’s Dead, Baby Tom notes that “the browser transformed from being an awesome interactive document viewer into being the world’s most advanced, widely-distributed application runtime” and that we shouldn’t be ashamed to build 100% JavaScript applications.
Tom Dale
Revision 18 of the ECMAScript 6 Draft Spec No new technical content compared to revision 17 but it has been completely restructured so if the ES6 spec is important to you, you might want to become familiar with it.
ES6 Iterators, Generators, and Iterables A quick guide to the terminology around ES6’s iteration-related concepts.
Domenic Denicola
Using Express.js for APIs A few tips and libraries for creating and documenting RESTful APIs with Express.js, along with an example app that incorporates some of the ideas.
ES6 on Node.js A look at using a variety of ECMAScript 6 and Harmony features on a recent edge version of Node.
The Angular Way Nicolas Bevacqua says his web application improved when he did things the “Angular Way” and shares tips on how to take most advantage of AngularJS.
Flippin' Awesome
Variable and Function Hoisting in JavaScript One of the trickier aspects of JavaScript for new JavaScript developers is the fact that variables and functions are “hoisted.” A quick look at how it works. One for beginners.
A Drip of JavaScript
Learn AngularJS With These 5 Practical Examples
Nested Higher-Order Functions in JavaScript
John Mumm
VNC in 200 lines of JavaScript
Minko Gechev
LINQ in JavaScript, ES6 style
Aaron Powell
Does CoffeeScript Have a Future?
Joel Turnbull
The Young Developer's Guide to Debugging JavaScript
The New York Times
Building an Ember.js Application A 27 minute screencast that walks through the process of building a blog reader application using Ember.js 1.0.
Tom Dale
An Introduction to Bower In this short 3 minute video, John gives a quick introduction to Bower, a popular package and dependencies manager for JavaScript libraries.
John Lindquist
Testing Synchronous and Asynchronous JavaScript Callbacks with QUnit
Code, Libraries and Tools
jquery-textcomplete: Autocomplete for Textarea Brings autocomplete mechanics for textarea fields, a la GitHub’s comment forms.
Yuku Takahashi
Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library A project to build a secure, powerful, fast, small, easy-to-use, cross-browser library for cryptography in JavaScript.
Stanford Computer Security Lab
parse5: Fast Full-Featured HTML5 Parser for Node Based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification for a browser-quality experience. Also seen in Node Weekly.
Ivan Nikulin
xdomain: A Pure JavaScript CORS Alternative
Jaime Pillora
Cleaver: 30-Second Slideshows for Hackers Clean, fast and elegant slidedecks built from Markdown.
dna.js Template Cloner: A DOM Templating Engine for jQuery A JavaScript templating engine to dynamically build DOM elements from data supplied by JSON objects.
LeapTrainer.js: Gesture Learning and Recognition Framework for The Leap Motion
Fortune.js: A Web Framework for Prototyping Rich Hypermedia APIs
Histogram.js: Frequency Sort An Array of Data
Eoin Murray
Senior Frontend Web Developer at Backbase [Amsterdam, The Netherlands] Backbase is an internationally fast-growing portal software vendor with headquarters in Amsterdam. We're currently looking for senior frontend Web developers for our Amsterdam team. Are you an expert in JavaScript, CSS, HTML5? Come join Backbase.
Software Developers (JavaScript or Java) - R&D Positions in Vienna, Austria Participate in award-winning research projects as part of a young and interdisciplinary team. Part-/full-time and PhD candidate positions for innovative Java(Script) developers with a focus on visual analytics, Web intelligence and knowledge co-creation.
WebLyzard Technology
JavaScript Jedi (Front-End Tech Lead) at OrderGroove (New York, NY) OrderGroove is leading the Subscription eCommerce Revolution. We're an Agile team looking for world-class JS hackers who have 'the force' within to build our Subscription Retail Platform for the world's biggest brands, impacting the lives of millions of users.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly
Last but not least..
Free eBook: 25 Secrets for Faster ASP.NET Applications Want to speed up your ASP.NET application? Red Gate’s new eBook has 25 secret tips from the dev community and ASP.NET MVPs for squeezing the maximum performance out of your web applications. Download the free eBook.
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console.logtro: The World's First console.log Demo A small demo-scene style demo that runs in the JavaScript console.
Richard Davey
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