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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

CSS Tricks
Declan Rek shares real-world advice on boosting front-end performance from static site generation and the picture element to lazy loading CSS and caching.

Peter van der Zee
How IFRAMEs are used, where they came from, and what the specs have to say.

Jen Simmons
Using @supports, you can include a small test in your CSS for whether or not a particular CSS property or value is supported and apply styles conditionally.

Frontend Masters  Sponsored
Brian Holt (Netflix) introduces you to React plus surrounding ecosystem including: Redux for state management, React Router for navigation and more!

Frontend Masters

Eduardo Bouças
A handy tutorial digging into WebPageTest, a site speed test tool, its RESTful API, and how to use it to optimize your own sites.

Anselm Urban
Some neat tricks you can use today in CSS, from fancy CSS animations and a frosted glass effect, to using calc() for grids and aligning with position:fixed items.

Tim Brown
Adobe Typekit’s Head of Typography shares some interesting ideas on dynamically calculating typography variables (e.g. font size or line heights) independent of media query breakpoints.

Rachel Andrew
A quick 2 minute video intro to a new unit in the CSS Grid Layout Module - the ‘fr’ unit which represents a fraction of the available space.


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