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Issue #127 - April 26, 2013


Nicholas C. Zakas On “Maintainable JavaScript”
Zakas’ talk at the Fluent 2012 conference is about best practices for keeping your JavaScript code maintainable.

Meet The Connect Framework
An introduction to T.J. Holowaychuk’s Connect, an extensible HTTP server framework for Node.js.

jQuery 1.9 and 2.0: Present and Future
A slide deck by Richard Worth, executive director of the jQuery Foundation, that outlines some of the vision behind jQuery 2.0 and asserts that the jQuery team will continue to support jQuery 1.x for as long as IE 6, 7 and 8 are relevant.

EmberFest: An Ember.js Event in Munich, Germany over August 28-30

From our Sponsor

New Relic is hard at work on their Node.js Agent
Are you a proud member of the Node.js community? Do you wish you had a way to monitor and improve the performance of your app? Well, you're in luck. We have extremely talented monkeys in the back room tinkering away at building the only Node.js APM solution. It's almost ready so make sure you let us know who you are so you can be first in line.


JavaScript Hoisting Explained
JavaScript hoists variable declarations and function declarations. This blog post explains what that means.

I Know jQuery. Now What?
Remy Sharp explains that jQuery was initially a life saver, but browsers have come a long way and now natively support many common tasks (via querySelectorAll, classList, dataset, etc.).

JavaScript Best Practices
Rules for good JavaScript code: use ===, write semicolons, etc.

JavaScript Objects: Inherited A Mess
First in a series of three blog posts, in which Kyle Simpson explains JavaScript inheritance via its core: objects linked in prototype chains.

LevelDB and Node: What Is LevelDB Anyway?
First in a series of three articles about using LevelDB on Node.js. LevelDB is an open-source, dependency-free, embedded key/value data store, written in C++. It can be installed for use on Node.js via npm.

“Rename” Refactoring for JavaScript Code
Shows how to use parsing and analysis libraries to rename a variable in JavaScript code.

The BackboneJS Way of Thinking
A high-level overview of the framework.

Lessons Learned in Building Plugins for Backbone.js by Derick Bailey
An e-book on LeanPub.

Optimize (Concatenate and Minify) RequireJS Projects
This article explains how to use the RequireJS Optimizer. RequireJS projects usually consist of many small modules. As you need one HTTP request per module, loading all of them takes time. RequireJS Optimizer helps rectify this.

Closure Cheat Sheet
Web site with quick reference material for Google’s Closure library.

Checking for undefined: === Versus typeof Versus Falsiness
Explains several ways of checking for undefined and what can go wrong.

Modern Ember.js Application Workflow with Yeoman and Mocha
A tutorial for generating the skeleton of an app, building it, running it, testing it, etc.

Writing Reusable AngularJS Components with Bower

Constructors in JavaScript

Code Organization in Large AngularJS and JavaScript Applications


JavaScript library that provides a suite of rich UI components.

Node v0.10.5 (Stable)

YUI 3.10.0

Code and Libraries

jQuery Builder: Creating A Custom Version of jQuery
The jQuery Builder lets you create a custom version of jQuery by removing the parts you don’t need. For example, your app might not need to make Ajax requests. The jQuery Builder is available in an online version and a command line version.

Hoodie: A Node + CouchDB Framework for Frontend-Only Web Apps
Stores data locally first and syncs it in the background when possible, with a backend based on Node.js and CouchDB.

Airbnb Engineering Open-Sources Rendr
Rendr is a library for running Backbone.js apps on both client and server. Use cases include: serving fully assembled pages to search engines, pre-rendering pages on the server for slower clients and executing apps on the server if clients don’t run JavaScript.

TraceGL: A JavaScript Codeflow Visualization and Debugging Tool Using WebGL
TraceGL has two innovative features: First, it doesn’t step through code, it visualizes its execution from a bird’s eye view with the option of zooming in. Second, it uses WebGL to draw its user interface.

SocialFeed.js: Generate A Social Feed in JavaScript
Create a feed with your latest interactions on different social media. Currently supports GitHub, YouTube video uploads, Disqus, RSS feeds, Delicious.

JavaScript Linting Git Pre-Commit Script
Run JSHint before every Git commit.

rrule.js: Library for Working with Recurrence Rules for Calendar Dates
Supports recurrence rules as defined in the iCalendar RFC. Lets you parse and serialize those rules from/to natural language.

Fuse.js: Lightweight Fuzzy-Search
A lightweight, fast way to search through a list of items, and allow mispellings.

Debug.js: Automatic Globals Detection in JavaScript
Among other features, the debug.js library supports automatic detection of global variables. It does so by periodically examining the global object (window in browsers). Additionally, debug.js can log where those variables are used.

Omni.js: Framework for Real-Time Web Apps
A Node.js-based server keeps data in sync between clients. Integrates with Backbone.js.

Sample Application with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap: Updated and Improved

ScriptCraft: A Minecraft Mod That Lets You Build Using JavaScript

ArgueJS: Optional Parameters, Default Values and Type-Checking for Your Methods

Keydrown: A JavaScript Key State Handler for Web Apps


Software Developer - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Use your software development skills to provide tools and support to the volunteers and members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Join our small team in Missoula, Montana in the development and maintenance of website, custom applications, and databases.

iOS Software Engineer at Coursera
Coursera is seeking iOS developers to build the future of mobile education. Working in a small team of engineers and designers, you will bring a compelling classroom experience to the touchscreen. You will be responsible for the design and architecture of mobile applications from the ground up.

Javascript Developer for a High Traffic Hotel Search Engine. (Charlottesville, VA) requires a talented Javascript developer to act as tech lead on our front end re-architecture project. Single-page JS app. Backbone.js, node.js. Great start-up environment. 14 million visits/month - your work will be seen!

Last but not least..

/Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions
Lea Verou gave a great 45 minute presentation at O'Reilly Fluent digging into the world of regular expressions. As a commenter on YouTube said: "Between the excellent presentation and the accompanying RegExp playground, I don't think there could be a better way to learn regular expressions."

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