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JavaScript Weekly Issue 151
October 11, 2013
Editor-this-time: Peter Cooper Editor-on-vacation: Dr. Axel Rauschmayer
Brendan Eich on JS Responsibilities JavaScript’s creator gave a talk at JSConf EU about the current state of JavaScript, what’s coming along for the language next, and what things need to be done. There’s lots of technical stuff about the language and its syntax to enjoy in just 30 minutes.
JSConf EU 2013
Building Web Apps With Yeoman And Polymer Addy Osmani walks through using Yeoman, a workflow of tools for web apps to streamline creating webapps, and Polymer, a library of polyfills and sugar for developing apps using Web Components.
HTML5 Rocks
Ecma Publishes 1st Edition of ECMA-404 Standard for JSON
ECMA International
JingJS: The Chinese JavaScript Conference (Beijing, Nov 9-11)
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Searching Using Array.prototype.reduce Interesting ways to search for particular items within an array using the 'reduce' method.
Ariya Hidayat
What is Node.js? A broad and insightful answer for a developer who isn’t sure what Node.js is about or why anyone would use it.
Stack Overflow
Rethinking JavaScript’s Try/Catch Ryan Morr shares an alternative to JavaScript’s try/catch that offers better performance and is customizable.
Flippin' Awesome
JavaScript Fundamentals Azat Mardanov examines some of what makes JavaScript a uniquely expressive language – as well as occasionally frustrating.
Flippin' Awesome
Heap Snapshots and Handling Node.js Memory Leaks Ben Noordhuis, a Node core contributor and member of the StrongLoop team, created the heapdump module to provide developers a simple mechanism for producing V8 heap snapshots.
Tim Caswell on the Development of js-git js-git is a JavaScript implementation of the Git source code control system and Pluralsight’s Geoffrey Grosenbach has spoken to the author about how work is progressing.
Extending the Brackets Code Editor with JavaScript Alessandro Artoni takes you through how to build an extension to the Brackets code editor using just JavaScript.
Flippin' Awesome
Playing with ES6 Generators to Make A 'Maybe' in JavaScript
Tim Ruffles
ES6 Generators and Iteration in SpiderMonkey SpiderMonkey, Firefox’s JavaScript engine, now has support for ES6 generators and iteration. This article looks at how they work.
Why Asm.js Is A Big Deal for Game Developers
Felix Dahlke
The JavaScript console API In most JavaScript engines, there is a global object console with methods for logging and debugging. That object is not part of the language proper, but has become a de facto standard.
Axel Rauschmayer
A Comparison of The Two-way Binding in Angular, Ember and Knockout From JSConf EU comes a talk on the strengths and weaknesses of the libraries as well as their similarities and differences.
Marius Gundersen
Making a Simple Game in JavaScript Step-By-Step
Mims Wright
Plight Of The Butterfly: Object.observe() Object.observe is a proposed mechanism for monitoring when JavaScript objects are changed. Addy Osmani explains how it works in this 34 minute talk.
Addy Osmani
How to Win Friends and Influence Standards Bodies A 25 minute talk from LXJS 2013 where Domenic Denicola talks about the standards bodies that are involved in working on the Web Platform’s many technologies.
Domenic Denicola
Cleaning Up Nested Callbacks With Promises 12 minute screencast.
Derick Bailey
ClojureScript: Lisp's Revenge by David Nolan 40 minute talk from Web Rebels.
Getting MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) MEAN is a full app development stack including MongoDB, Express, Node.JS and AngularJS and Google’s Brad Green speaks to a selection of developers about it.
Google Developers on YouTube
Key Releases
Backbone.js 1.1 Released Mostly tweaks, optimizations and bugfixes.
SproutCore 1.10.0 Released
SproutCore Blog
YUI 3.13.0 Released Many fixes and tweaks, particularly to the Rich Text Editor.
YUI Blog
Knockout 3.0 Release Candidate Available It seems to be quite the week for the major structural libraries.
Code, Libraries and Tools
Prerender: Making AngularJS, Backbone or Ember Apps Search Engine Friendly Node (or Rails) middleware that detects search engine crawlers and provides content that’s appropriate for their use and allows regular navigation through a single page JavaScript app.
Todd Hooper
Dropzone.js: Drag'n'Drop File Uploads with Image Previews
Matias Meno
amdclean: Build Tool That Converts AMD Code to Standard JavaScript
Greg Franko
QuestionMark.js: A Modal Window to Show Shortcut Keys for Your Webapp
Louis Lazaris
BubbleChart: JavaScript Module for Comparative Visualization of 2D Data in A Bubble Chart
Jonathan Johnson
Dolly.js: jQuery UI Widget That Adds Excel-like Cloning Functionality to Tables
Lunar Logic
Arg.js: Lightweight URL Argument and Parameter Parser
Stretchr, Inc.
textAngular: Lightweight Two-Way-Bound Angular.js Text-Editor
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Last but not least..
Large Object Heap Compaction: Should You Use it? Chris looks into LOH fragmentation and compaction: when to use compaction, and why you sometimes shouldn’t. Find out more.
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