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Issue #116 - February 8, 2013

We've been receiving feedback that many readers would prefer more introductory and tutorial based content. We want to maintain a balance of skill levels in JSW but are working on entry level alternatives to be unveiled soon. If you want to comment or give feedback / suggestions / ideas on this, let us know through our anonymous feedback form. Thanks! - Peter C.


Writing Modular Frontend Components in 2013
As front-end developers, we've been using object constructor and module patterns to keep JavaScript code manageable and encapsulated. But it's about time we had some way of encapsulating portions of the DOM so we don't have naming collisions and unintended interactions. Browser vendors are working on APIs that allow us to create better encapsulated components in the browser.

JavaScript Now The First-Class Language for GNOME App Development
GNOME is a desktop environment popularly used on Linux and its developers recently identified a need to pick a single language to answer the ‘how do I write a GNOME app?’ question. While other languages will still play a key role, GNOME joins Windows 8 in making JavaScript a key language for desktop app development.

JS1K Spring 2013 Competition Launches
The popular JS1K contest is back for its Spring 2013 outing. The goal is to create a cool JavaScript app or demo that's no larger than 1KB. Prizes and fame await.

jQuery UK Conference 2013: April 19, Oxford

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What are the Benefits of RequireJS?
A developer asks the question: “I'm having trouble understanding the benefit of RequireJS. Can you help me out?” Answers are given by Ben Alman, Rebecca Murphey, Miller Medeiros and others.

D3.js Meta-Tutorial
D3.js, the follow-up to Mike Bostock’s impressive and useful Protovis library, is a fantastic tool for building web-based, dynamic, data visualizations consumable by the masses. This blog posts lists resources for getting started.

Deferreds and Promises in JavaScript
Promises are a relatively new approach to asynchronous programming. They help structure your code.

ECMAScript 6 and Destructuring Assignment
Destructuring assignment means using patterns to extract parts of an object or array. ECMAScript 6 has this programming language feature and Ariya Hidayat explains how it works.

Meet the New Stack, Same as the Old Stack
Five years ago, if you asked any client-side developer which library or framework to use, the most likely answer would have been jQuery. Since then, client-side development has become far more complex. Alex Young brings us up to speed with package managers, module systems, template languages, and more.

Using node-inspector to Debug Node.js Applications

Managing Events As Relationships, Not Just References
Derick Bailey explains the idea of managing event handlers as relationships and not simply object references. Correctly modeling the relationship between the observer (event handler) and the subject (event broadcaster) can give us insight into our code and create a more natural representation of how we think about, understand, and observe the real world.

Flatten JavaScript Callback Pyramids with Async.js
Async.js is a Node.js library that helps with asynchronous programming.

Migrating from Ember.js to AngularJS
The comments provide further information and point out some Ember.js features that weren’t mentioned in the post.

Scaling Real-time Apps on Cloud Foundry Using Node.js and RabbitMQ

Why no FileSystem API in Firefox?
Firefox doesn’t support the FileSystem API. The article explains why and describes alternatives to various use cases for this comprehensive API.

Back to Basics: JavaScript Hoisting

JavaScript Trivia Crossword


jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 RC1 Released

jQuery 1.9.1 Released

Node.js 0.8.19 (Stable)

Bootstrap 2.3

Code and Libraries

Handsontable: Minimalistic Excel-Like Table Editor for jQuery

WebGL Heatmap: High-Performance WebGL-Based Heatmap Display Library
Another option for heatmaps is the Canvas-based heatmap.js.

Sigma.js: a Lightweight JavaScript Graph Drawing Library
Uses Canvas.

DOM Futures (nee “Promises”)
Alex Russell is collaborating with Domenic Denicola, Anne van Kesteren, Yehuda Katz and Erik Arvidsson to bring Futures to the DOM. There isn’t a lot of information, yet, but this project is worth knowing of. One of the APIs targeted by it is IndexedDB, which people seem to be highly critical of.

IDBWrapper: Cross-Browser IndexedDB Wrapper for Offline Web Apps
Another such library is mentioned in the comments: db.js.

jui_datagrid: jQuery Plugin for Manipulating Database Data in Tabular Format


The Importance of Caching jQuery Selections
Adam Sontag demonstrates how caching DOM selections can help you write DRYer, more efficient code and change the way you think about writing applications with jQuery.

Higgs, a Monitoring JIT for JavaScript
Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert presents Higgs, a new JIT compiler architecture under development in which monitoring is used to maintain accurate type information at a minimal cost, pushing the limits of dynamic language optimization.

Happy Birthday Dear Node.js
Node.js is 4 years old this month.


Platform and Open Data Developer at State in London
We're looking for a talented and creative individual to join our team. As well as great front-end web experience (JavaScript, CSS) you're an enthusiast for open data and APIs. You'll be creating tools and services for partners, developers and our core site.

Front End Developer (Amsterdam) - Now hiring 10 Devs
Join the world's #1 accommodation website: We are looking for 10 sharp User Experience experts to join our Front-End team of Designers, Developers & Researchers in Amsterdam. This position is open to worldwide candidates– visa and relocation package incl. Join our international team.

Senior Front-End Developer at The Beans Group, London (UK)
We're looking for a senior front-end developer with experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (both hand-crafted and libraries) to join our team undertaking a range of projects on a full-time basis. Rails, HAML and Mobile Apps are desirable, but not essential.

Last but not least..

Effective JavaScript by David Herman
Peter C here again! I've recently read Effective JavaScript by Mozilla's David Herman and thought it was awesome. It's a quick read at 200 pages but packed with useful principles and primers on important elements of JavaScript's syntax, object model, and idioms. If you want a full review, enjoy this one by Reg Braithwaite or you can buy it on (yes, it's an affiliate link).

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