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Naming the Dead
Top Story:  The Bureau launches major new drone project. Read more here.
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The Bureau launches Naming the Dead

Please help us raise awareness about an important drone-related investigation.
Last week the Bureau launched ‘Naming the Dead’, a new project which aims to increase our understanding of CIA drone strikes in Pakistan by naming as many as possible of those killed. This new investigation will take the Bureau's work beyond numbers, policies and actions to focus instead on the identity of the people being killed. 
The importance of increased transparency in the drone debate was highlighted last week. At the Senate confirmation hearing of John Brennan, President Obama's favoured new head of the CIA, it was claimed that drone strikes have caused minimal civilian casualties.
Yet data gathered over two years by the Bureau shows that an estimated 475 of the minimum 2,640 people killed in CIA drone strikes in Pakistan have been reported as civilians. 
Only 20% of these killed have so far been named. Through its Naming the Dead project the Bureau aims to provide and maintain an open database of as many named individual casualties as possible with supporting documentary material when available.
It is only through providing such details that we can properly examine the many claims and counter-claims being made in this conflict.  
This will be a costly investigation conducted in London and Pakistan across two years. And so we are raising funds for this important next step in the Bureau's work on drone strikes with the help of Freedom of the Press Foundation of the USA.
How can you help? 
We are asking those supporters who can, to help us publicise our fundraising efforts. 
Like our Facebook page, Naming the Dead, here.

Tell as many people as you can through Twitter, blog posts, newsletters, Facebook, email and the internet about the Bureau's new project and our fundraising campaign. Those interested can read about our Naming the Dead project on our website here and read more about our fundraising here.
But you can also directly support our work at Freedom of Press Foundation.

For American taxpayers, any contribution is tax deductible.

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